Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica, the capital of beekeeping

Beekeeping or apiculture has become of great importance in Slovenia, not only as a farming activity but also as a symbol, representing the crucial role of bees for the environment and the cycle of life in nature. A large number of Slovenian people are still very active and enthusiastic about beekeeping and the production of honey, which is also one of the things Slovenia has become famous for. If you are interested in all this and would like to discover more on where to get to know the history of apiculture, as well as taste some delicious home-made honey, I have a great recommendation for you. Visit the Slovenian capital of beekeeping with the only authorized museum of its kind in Sloveniathe Museum of Apiculture, located in the town of Radovljica.

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / CeeGee

Discover the history and art of apiculture

The museum in Radovljica offers everything you need to know about the history and development of beekeeping in Slovenia and the unique features of apiculture, typical especially for our country. There are three main things the museum focuses on precisely. The first being colourful exhibitions of approximately 250 hand-painted beehive panels, the oldest one of them dating back to the year of 1758. A special place in the museum is also dedicated to one of the most popular bee breeds in Slovenia, the autochthonous Carniolan honey bee, which you can get to know through an interesting documentary film. The third key point of the institution are world-renowned beekeepers, who helped in developing and improving this beloved tradition. All of these features are present in the permanent exhibition, called Beekeeping in Slovenia or Čebelarstvo na Slovenskem

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / Miran Kambič

A vacation in a honeyland 

You can supplement your experiences in the museum by participating in the bee wax products workshop, while for the youngest guests, there are colouring books, a learning workshop at the pedagogic corner and a workbook for slightly older children. There is also professional literature, as well as honey and other souvenirs available at the museum shop. The activity of beekeeping has also had an important influence on tourism in Slovenia. A new type of tourism has been developed under the name of Apitourism or bee tourism – a way of enjoying your vacation through various products and activities of beekeeping.

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Čebelarski razvojno izobraževalni center Gorenjske

The town of Radovljica could also be called the capital of beekeeping, as it is home to the Museum of Apiculture, dedicated to the history of this special and beloved activity. But that is not the only institution where you will get the chance to explore the world of beekeeping. The Beekeeping Education Centre of Gorenjska or Čebelarski razvojno izobraževalni center Gorenjske also helps to keep the Slovenian beekeeping heritage alive with organised visits of apiaries, degustations of honey and other bee products and raising awareness of the great importance of bees for our world.  

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Čebelarski razvojno izobraževalni center Gorenjske

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