Mountain eyes of Durmitor: Devil's lake

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

That Durmitor landscapes are hiding numerous legends, that I always knew. But the fact that each lake and each peak have their own stories, I learned much later. Vražje or Devil's lake is one of the 18 glacial lakes known as Mountain eyes of Durmitor. And here is its story!

I remember very clear my first impressions about Devil's lake. I saw it on a photo that my friend took and I couldn't believe such a beauty that I know nothing about exists in Montenegro. I then thought - it is just a photo, it can be photo-shopped and edited hundreds of times, the lake definitely can't be so special. But I was wrong! Few years later, when I accidentally happened to be in front of Devil's lake, I stood wordless and suddenly remembered the photograph from my friend's gallery. The lake was just like in a photo! That PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL, IDEAL photo!

The turquoise borders of the lake, the dark blue color in the middle, the lake's surroundings and of course - the name, were telling me that there definitely has to be something unusual about this lake. And guess what! I soon discovered the devil's legend hiding under the lake!

Devil's Lake legend

A long ago,the area around the lake was all under the pine forest. It happened one stormy day that a lot of thunders started the fire and the wind blew through the forest. The forest, full of all kinds of beasts and swords, was soon empty. The beasts escaped to Durmitor, the villas sunk into the clouds, and the devil with his wife leaned back to the lake. At the lake's bottom, they made a wonderful castle, full of ice crystals. Even though the lake is warmer than other 17 lakes in the area, in the middle of the lake the coldness of ice castle can be felt.

Being there together with his wife, the devil has no peace, so it often happens that as soon as a girl swims across the lake, a devil rises from his castle, grabs her and drags her to the bottom. If a reputable boy swims, then devil's wife jumps out of the castle, grabs the boy and drags him into her secret chambers at the bottom of the lake.

And as it is often the case that the legend hides an important message for people. Here this message is shaped in a form of warning. Namely, somewhere in the middle of the lake there are plenty of cold springs that can cause body spasms. Due to ignorance of this fact, many swimmers have paid a price.

So, the stunning beauty of Devil's lake will definitely make you wanna go in and swim, but if this legend make you scared, than just bring some snacks and have a pick nick somewhere around as the surrounding of the lake is just perfect for it!

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