Medieval dining in Bucharest's Excalibur restaurant

Iulia Condrea | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Walking around the center of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, visitors find a mix of old and new. Historical buildings, like museums and concert halls, stand next to modern structures in a way that complements each other. When in Bucharest, you can stand where the famous saying „Give a lion for the Athenaeum" was said, delight your eyes with Romania’s Expressionism and Tonitza at the National Museum of Art( national-museum-of-art-rvk5) and feel like the royalty in King Arthur's time. All these are at one footstep from each other. However, if visiting the most popular medieval-themed restaurant in the capital sounds appealing to you, don’t miss Excalibur. At first glance, a restaurant specialized in medieval dining seems out of place due to its position underneath an old building, yet the experience is befitting a city like Bucharest.

Medieval decor

The outside of the building doesn't give its secrets away. Only when you step foot into it, can you admire its uniqueness. The entrance of the restaurant takes you downhill into a basement. On the way down, the walls look like made of stone. There are old medieval banners on the walls, next to torches and murals representing family crests.

What makes you feel like the royalty right as you descend is a long red carpet that leads to the gate of the restaurant. Right at the gate lies the sword Excalibur, still stuck in stone. As many of you may know, Excalibur was King Arthur’s sword in medieval Britain, in a time when magic was considered to be real. Supposedly placed in a stone by Merlin, the wizard, legend has it that Excalibur could only be pulled out by the true ruler of the country. That ruler happened to be Arthur, who was then crowned the next king. At this medieval restaurant, a replica of Excalibur was placed in the stone for all to try their luck pulling it out. It still awaits the next King Arthur and greets all who enter this restaurant that serves as a medieval time machine.

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

The inside of the restaurant is as medieval-themed as the journey to the restaurant itself. Long tables made out of massive wood can accommodate up to 16 people per table. In the interior, visitors can see various murals on the walls and medieval paintings on the ceiling. Other replicas of famous swords, besides Excalibur, are in glass cases close to the bar for everyone to see.

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

Medieval dining

The restaurant isn't only famous for its medieval decor, but also its peculiarity. The restaurant's most popular feature is that it doesn't serve its food with cutleries. Dining here indeed is like in the medieval era. Bowls with lemon water are on the tables, so that people can easily clean their hands before and after their meal. The bigger platters for sizable groups have swords in the roasted meat, so that it's easier to share with others. Mixed vegetables, potatoes and sauces complete the menu.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/Shaiith

The names of the dishes are unique and memorable. For example, one of these dishes is called „The feast on the eve of the battle”. It contains everything a modern knight would need before one of his quests. This dish offers chicken wings, chicken legs, potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. The portions are as big as they were in the medieval era. So, even the most ravenous person leaves the restaurant with a full stomach.

Entertainment from the Middle Ages

Excalibur restaurant surely knows how to entertain its guests. The entire staff dresses in gowns and robes, specific to the Middle Ages. The music and clothing sync and provide an ambiance worthy of a king. If you're lucky, after 9 pm, you'll be surrounded by medieval dancers who will beckon you to join them in dance. Not many can resist their charms and therefore end up having a night they will always remember.

Next time you're in Bucharest, be sure to look up Excalibur restaurant. Medieval dining is an entertaining experience that will definitely get you hooked. Leave all thoughts about utensils behind, and join the medieval celebration. Who knows, maybe you'll be fortunate enough to free Excalibur from its stone prison and be crowned the next king of Excalibur restaurant.

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