Massolit in Cracow, books and coffe lovers' paradise

Anna Kowalska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There is a place on the map of Cracow that I cannot skip while visiting the city. It always offers a cozy atmosphere, wonderful pastries, and a great selection of literature. If you love books and coffee, especially combined together, the Massolit cafe in Cracow is a place for you.

Books in English

© Zuza Heczko

Massolit consists of a few locations scattered around the city. One of them is a bookshop first opened 18 years ago. Its name refers to the famous 'The Master and Margarita' by Mikhail Bulgakov. In the novel, Massolit was the title of the writers' union and stood for literature available for masses. Here, you can step into a stylish cozy interior filled with piling volumes of classics. Massolit specializes in anglophone literature, so it's a great option for foreign visitors. Moreover, it is a meeting and exchange place for the international community in Cracow – there is a board with advertisements about various language classes and private tutors. Apart from the rich literary offer, they also serve delicious pastries, coffee, and tea that you can enjoy while looking through the pages of the chosen books. There is also a homey corner for children, where you can tuck in next to the old tiled stove. As the extraordinary bookstore is located in two apartments of an inhabited tenement house, to get to its other part, you must cross over the hall and open another door. On top of that, Massolit organizes various events where you can meet authors, join a panel discussion, or even dance!

Bakery and café

© Anna Kowalska

Another branch of Massolit is just two minutes away from the bookstore, placed on the neighboring street. Massolit Bakery & Café is a great place that serves tasty pastry and coffee and has a window-table just perfect for observing the street life. Continuing with the American theme, they serve home-made bagels all day long, as well as breakfasts and lunches, that will satisfy even vegetarians and vegans. While in Massolit, you should also try something from their sweet menu, especially the shortbreads and delicious lemon tarts. The place is also considered as a regular bakery and confectionary by many, so their products are always of excellent quality. The owners also provide a selection of the best up-to-date press to look through while enjoying your coffee.

© Anna Kowalska

The newest branch is situated in another part of the city called 'Kazimierz' and its main focus is on food. Massolit Cooks provides healthy vegan and vegetarian options in the surrounding of a stylish interior.

One of the three branches of Massolit should definitely land on your next sightseeing list in Cracow. Not only they offer great quality food suitable for vegans and vegetarians, but they also create an extraordinary atmosphere and provide their customers with valuable literature. If you among the people who love books and coffee, Massolit in Cracow is a perfect place that will feed your body and soul.

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