Marbella Skatepark: Barcelona is for everyone

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

For those of you who want to see motion, fire, and fury, Marbella Skatepark is perhaps what you're looking for. In Marbella, there are skateboarders, BMX riders, scooter riders, and inline skaters. The people who ride here looks very fluid in their movement through the concrete shapes that a very talented architect has created.

Another skatepark in Barcelona is the Paral-lel skatepark.

The park is for everyone

Girls and boys meet to experience the life on wheels in this brilliant fun park for wheels. Normally, the skating environment is 99.9% lads, while Marbella skatepark grants you a spot where it is common and typical to have girls drift around. All the genders coincide here and understand that they have the same goal in mind, to master the curves of Barcelona with their magic board. Barcelona is very accessible to new ways of doing things, and so is the skate world.

You will discover all kinds of people

You will find all kinds of skill levels here. The freshmen, the rookies, the experts, the old, the newborn, the ominous, the quirky, the uncomplicated, and even the appropriate!

Casual people from the sidewalks pause to glance at the skate show. That's a familiar thing about Barcelona, Americans continuously mentions that ''this never happens in the states, man''.

Why skateboarders like Barcelona

Professionals skateboarders can be discovered all over Barcelona, which likewise includes Marbella skatepark. I observed Ali Boulala here once. The cause of this is that most skateboarders are remarkably fond of Barcelona, which includes the professionals. Why we are fond of Barcelona comes down to the construction of the city. Barcelona is formed in a peculiar way and possesses strange shapes and active thinking which is put into the sculptures and the streets. The skateparks are in a similar way. Skatepark creators are very concerned with the functionality first and foremost. After that comes the attentiveness to the prettiness of the area. Barcelona is constructed for people in wheelchairs and bikes, which means it's beneficial for people on wheels, which means beneficial for skateboarding.

In Marbella, there is two sections, the bowl and the street section.

The bowl section

You have the traditional bowl here which provides you the best curves for developing your flow and the technicality of your tricks. Something fresh and cool for this park is that there is a snake line which recalls me of a sewage from California or something alike. A sewage is ordinarily not a tourist destination unless you desire to do tricks on wheels.

The street section

The street section is pointed a tiny bit downwards with numerous sizes of rails while the street section shifts into the bowl part with a mushroom-shaped object.

Fun Fact: The shops are 5 minutes from the park and the street traders use the occasion to sell refreshments.

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