Magnificent nature in Los Volcanes of Amboró

Vanesa Zegada | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Today, I will take you to one of the most spectacular natural places in Bolivia. This location is filled with huge natural formations, wildlife, and more than one hidden waterfall. Come with me to Los Volcanes, a wonder of Amboró National Park, and let’s discover how magnificent nature can be!

The departure point to our journey is Refugio Los Volcanes, a place that was not a tourist destination just a few years ago. Instead, it was a base for expeditions to study the diversity of the surroundings in Amboró National Park. And the reason why researchers were explicitly interested in this area is that it marks an encounter between the dry and rainforest, which grants it a unique combination of plant and animal species. For example, here, you can look up to the sky and watch - in one single place - condors from the Andes and parrots from the tropical lands. The diversity here is such that, so far, the researchers have registered 484 bird species only in Refugio Los Volcanes, including some endangered ones.

© iStock/pablo_rodriguez_merkel

The name of this place, Los Volcanes, means "The Volcanoesdue to its huge soft sandstone formations. Despite their name, these formations are not actual volcanoes, but still, they are as huge as one. Nevertheless, what makes them really special is their particular shapes and reddish sand tones mixed with the green of nature, and, for sure, the clouds that sometimes are touching them.

© iStock/Jef Wodniack

But as impressive as "The Volcanoes" look, this is just the beginning. Because besides those massive formations, in this spot, you will find crystal clear rivers, natural pools, and waterfalls of heights that go up to 30 meters.

To reach out to all these natural wonders from Refugio Los Volcanes, you will find nine walking trails. The options go from a 30-minute walk to a harder 6-hour trial for the most adventurous. Some of those trails will take you to beautiful waterfalls of crystal-clear waters. And others will lead you up to some of the “volcanoes” where you can have a 360-degree view of the area from above. So, of course, the sunrise or sunset are great moments to spend up there.

© Adrián Bailey

A day in Refugio Los Volcanes includes delicious homemade food. And on top of that, the coffee lovers can complete the experience with a cup of 100% organic coffee cultivated and roasted on-site. So, get ready to enjoy the aromas born in this wonderful land!

© Adrián Bailey

Whether you look for rest or adventure, Los Volcanes of Amboró is the place for you. If you are ready to disconnect from the stress of the cities and connect with nature, then let the magnificence of Los Volcanes of Amboró fill up your soul. Believe me, as soon as you arrive, you will realize that this is a one-of-a-kind location!

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