Lose yourself at German electronic festivals

Christian Stascheit | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Apart from rock festivals, Germany is famous for its electronic music and festivals. You can find a lot of them in the northern and eastern part of Germany. The Fu[sion Festival](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/) is especially well known all over Europe. But also the Fe[el Festival](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/) and He[r Damit Festival](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/) offer great music, decorations, illuminations and atmosphere. There are a lot more good electronic festivals in Germany, where you get for some days away from everyday life and society. Take some friends and get to know new ones, while partying, dancing and enjoying German electronic festivals.

Fusion Festival

The Fusion Festival is more than just an electronic music festival. There is music of all kinds, performances, theatre and it also has a cinema. But Fusion Festival is not just about listening to good music, dancing and party - the festival creators try to build up the biggest holiday camp in the northern hemisphere under the motto of four days of ‘holiday communism’.

Picture © Credits to flickr/Montecruz Foto

It is hard to get a ticket, because of its popularity. The festival takes place at the end of June and there is kind of a lottery to win tickets for it. You have to register at the beginning of December in order to take part either as a team of friends or alone. The chances are the same. Then you have to hope to be lucky.  

When you are at the Fusion Festival you will notice what is meant by ‘holiday communism’. There are a lot of friendly people sharing and caring for each other as equals. You will be stunned by the stages, the decorations and illuminations. And you will be hypnotized by the enormous base of huge tower speaker complexes.

Picture © Credits to flickr/Montecruz Foto

The darker side of electronic festivals is the consumption of illegal drugs. There are quite a lot of people consuming them at the festivals and it is impossible to prevent them doing so. But the organizers try to do as much education about chemicals and other drugs as possible and there are information points, where you can learn everything about them.

I was never disturbed by drug users and I highly enjoyed the festival with its enormous area, where you can lose yourself. If all the impressions seem just too much then there is a lake, where you can refresh yourself and re-energize. Also there are quite a lot relaxing areas like an illuminated forest, a slack-line area or some benches under an artificial tree.

Picture © Credits to flickr/Montecruz Foto

Feel Festival

Alongside the big impressive Fusion Festival with its more than 7000 strong organisation team, 3000 artists and around 60.000 visitors there is for instance the Feel Festival close to Berlin at the Bergheider lake. It also gets its atmosphere from creative installations and good electronic music, but on a smaller scale with less artists and visitors.  

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