Lomnický štít - the most popular peak in the High Tatras

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Lomnický štít is the second highest mountain peak in the High Tatras, and it is definitely one of the most popular ones. It is probably because our highest peak - Gerlachovský štít is not accessible to the public; you can visit it only with a mountain guide and right gear. In contrast, Lomnický štít is really open for everyone, and you can easily reach it with a cable car. At the top of the peak, you cannot only enjoy the most breathtaking views, but there is also an observatory, a meteorological station, a restaurant, and a luxurious hotel.


The peak was first discovered in the year 1793 by an English traveler, Robert Townson. He measured the elevation of the peak to be 2633 meters, just a meter below the actual elevation of 2634 meters above sea level. Before the name Lomnický štít, the peak was called different nicknames, such as Father, Godfather, King ́s mountain or Princess of Tatra and it was believed to be the highest peak of the High Tatras mountain range. The first winter ascent was made in 1891, but since 1940, the peak is reachable by a cable car. The cable car was made for a very limited number of visitors, and you were allowed to stay on the summit for 50 minutes. Nowadays, of course, more people are allowed to visit, but your stay there is limited to only 15 minutes. Together with a cable car in 1940, a meteorological station and an observatory were both built.

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Getting there

You need to get to the town Tatranská Lomnica, which is easily accessible by car or, for example, from a bigger city like Poprad, you can reach Tatranská Lomnica by a tramway. From Tatranská Lomnica you need to walk to the cable car station, where you can catch a ride. The round ticket costs about 50 euros, but if you are willing to walk, you can use the cable car just for the steepest part of your journey, and it will be half of the price. For a ticket, you need to make a reservation in advance. The cable car itself is very fascinating. For a long time, it was actually one of its kind, mainly because it goes above the glacier lake, and one section is about 6 kilometers long - which back then required very difficult constructing.

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Top peak

At the top of the Lomnický Štít, you will find a meteorological observatory used for scientific purposes of the Slovak Meteorological Institute. Today, the observatory ranks among only a few existing ground observatories around the world that systematically observe solar spectral lines of the solar corona. However, you do not need to be a scientist to observe the night sky full of stars 2634 meters above sea level. You can book a night in one of the most romantic hotels in the world. Yes, that is right; at the top of the peak, there is a very exclusive hotel with only two rooms: a comfortable room that accommodates up to 5 people and a standard room for 2. A welcome drink, a four-course menu, and a delicious breakfast, together with cable car tickets, are included in the price. Each room has a telescope with which you can gaze at the stars.

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If you want to have undoubtedly the best view of the mountains, you should climb the most popular peak of Slovakia - Lomnický štít in the High Tatras. Except for the fantastic view, you can experience an unforgettable night at the top of the summit. Enjoy the absolute darkness with only stars lighting up the sky and the peace and tranquility that this place offers.

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