Local food in the suburbs of Valencia - Cabanal

I've previously written about some of the fancier eating streets and spots and where to eat in Valencia, on Spain's eastern coast. In that article I included a few different styles of eating with both higher end and more local places as well. In this article I wanted to highlight a few of my favourite local, traditional restaurants and cafes where you can find typical Spanish food at amazing prices. There are a few different types of restaurants you can find in these areas, so I'll show you a very 'normal' everyday food, as well as cheap but a bit more beachy option as well.

What is Spanish local eating...

The first thing I would mention is that particularly during the Spring and Summer months from March to October/November, Spanish local eating means tables outside. The incredible weather that we enjoy here in Spain (with more than 250 days of sun during the year) means that sitting outside is an option for much of the time. Even when the weather turns a little colder, there is never really the biting cold that you find during the autumn and winter in more northern parts of Europe. And so sitting outside for a coffee even in the Winter is entirely possible. For me, eating outside is the very best possible way to enjoy the social eating culture of Spain (and also it means that the loud and energetic Spanish conversations are not trapped in a small room).

Cabanal is the beach neighborhood, and so I'll show you two places - one on the beach and one more in the centre of the district away from Malvarossa Beach.

Burger on the beach...

This is not fine dining, but sometimes you just want simple and good food, fast and cheap. That's exactly what Burger and Tapas will give you. This burgers here (which is basically all they serve) come with fries and a drink and are 5-10 Euros. Seats and tables outside provide the perfect place to come in off the beach and grab something quick but satisfying. Although the restaurant is close to the touristy boardwalk and shops, it's generally very quiet.

Lunch in the square...

To really see local Spanish eating, you have to get away from the beach and you can find a typical spot in the Plaza Iglesia de los Angeles. For about 12 Euros, you can have a first course, a big freshly made sandwich, a beer and then a coffee. The quality of the food is fantastic, and the service is absolutely 'local'. Somewhere in between friendly and a little bit too relaxed that creates a very easy atmosphere. This is the square that I can see from the balcony of my bedroom, so me me it's very much local!

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