Ljubljana: The best ice cream in the city

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Hello, ice cream lovers! What you definitely need to try out this summer in Ljubljana, is the best ice cream the city has to offer. Either you like to go big and order a proper ice cream cup, or you opt for a takeaway and enjoy the dessert in the city center, the experience will be delicious in both ways. When in the city, you should take a look at the following ice cream shops.


A great ice cream and a lot of choices, is what you get in Cacao Café. More than 40 self-made flavors that are carefully chosen for their dear guests. Even though they sell ice cream in the shop and on the street, there are often queues since the ice cream is very good here. Some of their specialities are different ice cream cakes and cups, making up a really tasty dessert.


In Zvezda, they have created many unusual tastes, using a variety of special ingredients. One of the interesting flavors they have to offer is a cherry with cardamom and cinnamon, that accompanies other more traditional ones. Famous for their ice cream cups, they also create tasty ice cream cakes.


In Vigo, they have been implementing the knowledge of Italian ice cream making, creating their traditional flavors, whereas the most famous of them are "vigo" and "cheesecake". Offering such exquisite ice creams, the gelateria soon became one of the most popular ones in Ljubljana. And waiting in line does pay off, when you enjoy the flavor of the ice cream so much.


Just so we are clear, this is not an ice cream shop. It is an ice cream boutique. Many crazily delicious flavors, like the ones with cheesecake and tarragon, cucumber, or even lemon with sage. Obviously, they like to play around and create various gelato flavors using herbs and even vegetables. So, if you are looking for something new and unique, this is definitely the place to go.

Fetiche Patisserie

In this pastry shop, they have almost all possible kinds of ice cream, even the ones you would never think of. Apart from locally produced milk, they also use olive oil, coconut milk, and other high-quality ingredients to produce some interesting flavors. A lot of creativity and love for ice cream is needed to create such delicious tastes, among others, more classical ones. You can even try the black sesame ice cream.

Ice Wave

In Ice Wave, they offer the ice cream rolls with the taste resembling to a frozen yoghurt. The idea for it comes from Thailand, and now you can get it in several places around the globe. The best thing is that you choose the fresh ingredients you want to have in your ice cream, and then you observe how the delicious dessert is being created just for you.

These are the ice cream shops that offer the best ice cream in the city and will not leave you indifferent, for sure. There are many more places in Ljubljana where you could satisfy your cravings for frozen desserts, and it is true that you can get some delicious ice creams on every corner. Perhaps you even discover your new favorite taste.

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