Lithuanian Sea Museum: play with dolphins in Klaipeda

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Lithuanian Sea Museum is one of the symbols of the Lithuanian seaside but also one of the warmest memories from my childhood. It has always been a magical place. The museum is full of various aquatic species from freshwater, the Baltic Sea and tropical seas. Also, the design of the museum always looked mysterious - shining aquariums full of colorful fish surrounded by dark lights. Nearly 88 000 exhibits of corals, mollusk shells, sea birds, fish, mammals, and many other sea world inhabitants found a place in the Lithuanian Sea Museum. For sure, the Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipeda is a magical place one can play with dolphins. 

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia Commons/Algirdas


Lithuanian Sea Museum is positioned in Kopgalis, the northernmost end of the range of dunes of the Curonian Spit, where the Curonian Spit peninsula ends, and Klaipėda Seaport gate opens up. So, to reach the Lithuanian Sea Museum, you will need to take a ferry (as there is no bridge connecting the mainland with the spit), which goes daily on every hour. Also, from the boat in the Curonian Spit side, the bus leaves regularly to the Lithuanian Sea Museum. 

Short history

The museum is quite old. It was constructed in Nerija fort in 1979. Together with the outdoor area for penguins, Baltic grey seals and Steller sea lions it occupies 13 hectares. After the reconstruction that was finished just a couple of years ago, the museum changed a lot. All the premises of the building were restored. The most significant areas for marine animals and fish were opened. The most considerable intrigue after this reconstruction was the brand new underground glass tunnel established under the aquarium with sturgeons and rays. Twenty-five meters long underwater tunnel reveals all the magic from the sea world. Together with the lights and crystal clear water, it helps to explore the marine world better. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Nuno Valadas

Magical time at Dolphinarium

For sure, the most exciting activity in the Lithuanian Sea Museum is the Dolphinarium. Watching the dolphins or even playing with them brings you happiness and warm feelings for a few months in advance. The Dolphinarium was built more than twenty years ago, and until now, and it offers the dolphin-assisted therapy sessions for children with special needs. Besides the therapy sessions, the dolphins also make their performances for the broader auditorium. There is a joke for the people who sit the closest to the dolphins' pool. After the show, they are always entirely wet, and it seems that dolphins do it on purpose.

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia Commons/Algirdas385


During the season, the ticket for an adult for museum visiting is 10 euros and for children and students - 5 euros. The cost of dolphins performance is the same. Good to know is that, on the last Sunday of each month, there is free admission day to the Aquarium and Museum exhibitions according to the new Lithuanian law. Actually, this law is valid for all state museums, for example, for Gediminas Tower and Grand Dukes' Palace in Vilnius as well. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/sihasakprachum

Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipeda and its Dolphinarium are worth your visit. Playing with dolphins in this museum brings the magic into your daily life, and the sea world secrets reveal in front of your eyes. 

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