Library retreat for travellers in Norway

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As a traveller, a library can help you a lot. The buildings are often quite amazing and if you've havd enough of paying for cookies in coffee stores, grown tired of the fast food smell and want to relax your body during your Norwegian exploration, a public space for pondering and reflecting will help! Libraries are a type of museum for your mind and brain as seen with The Françoise Sagan Library in Paris and National Library of Belarus. The reading area should appear calm and comfortable and Norway is continuously improving this skill in their library buildings. Let's have a look at some intellectual and free methods to explore Norway.

Oslo Library

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Mahlum

In 1785, Deichmans library was built in Oslo and is now one of the oldest in our country! They are proud of being the biggest library in Norway as well. That means highly equipped with computers, printers, language courses, guides, and they do of course, have books there too if you wondered. The cool thing is that Deichmans have libraries all over Oslo in different buildings. Depending on your area of Oslo, there will be a Deichman library close to you, similar to Mc Donalds!

Narvik Library

Picture © Credits to Helfrid Nikolaisen

In Narvik you can find a new library built by inspired young Norwegian architects. The building is a mix of a library, a beautiful bank, a cute gift shop, and the war museum of Narvik is located inside too! In Narvik, it was decided that a Dubai style hotel should be built, which received a lot of hate. This new building with the library inside is called The 4th corner. It's more Scandinavian looking and at the same time contemporary and is appreciated since it doesn’t stick out too much. If you want to know Norwegian relations with being exceptional, have a look at The Jante Law article

Bergen Library

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

Olaf Nordhagen won the architecture competition for this well-made building in 1906 after a tough battle. He won since he promoted the Scandinavian character in the building with an old school style and traditional design. The library institution is from 1872, although the priests and folks were collecting books for centuries before in Norway. The library tradition of Norway traces back to the 12th Century even!

Trondheim Library

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Jensens

Like a castle from Disney’s Frozen, the Trondheim library makes the minds in the city shine. Walking through the library is like visiting a museum where you can see skeletons when walking over the bridge and archaeological artifacts are placed around the majestic building that previously was the city hall of Trondheim.

Tromsø Library

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Wolfman

The Tromsø library is a symbol of the city along with the Ishavskatedral Church. There are arches on the corners of the building that collect snow and make the building both artistic and functional. A certain kind of majesty that manages not to make you feel tiny might be the reason why it has been voted the most attractive library in Norway.

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