Leskovac, the birth place of pljeskavica

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Visit the Festival of Barbecue

I think it is high time you have started to discover the southern part of Serbia. You wonder why? Well, apart from the incredible nature, soothing and at the same time vibrant atmosphere, wonderful, friendly people, extremly rich historical monuments, the correct answer is - food. To be more precise, meat! Indeed, the first association to this part of Serbia is a renowned, world famous (I am not exaggerating) barbeque, which attracts people worldwide. Maybe you have heard about pljeskavica (traditional minced meat in an oval shape) but have you heard of the place that is considered the must visit spot for all the meat lovers, where in fact there is an organized festival Rostiljiada (Festival of Barbecue)in the honor of the best barbeque? Let me introduce you to Leskovac, a city with a soul and the best food. I warn you, by the end of this article, you will be extremly hungry!

Briefly, Leskovac is a city and the main center of the Jablanica District in southern Serbia, marked by rich history from the middle ages, through Ottoman Empire, World Wars and finally modern period. All of that certainly left its mark on the city's architecture and monuments,such as Monastery of John the Baptist, Leskovac Monastery of the Presentation of the Holy Mother of God, Rudare Monastery,Cukljenik Monastery, Leskovac Cathedral, Odzaklija Church and the list goes on. Leskovac is located in the heart of the vast and fertile valley, which makes it nature and climat simply perfect, South Morava River makes the places incredibly soothing.

What you need to know is that this famous gastronomic event in Serbia and in the Balkan, Rostiljijada (Barbecue) Festival in Leskovac,is mostly taking place during the summer or first week of September, for 20 years now. During the seven days, more than 700,000 visitors from Serbia and abroad are coming to celebrate and eat, which makes Rostiljijada at the top of the tourist events in the region.

When you decide to attend this festivity, you will be impressed to testify several manifestations such as fireworks, making the biggest burger for the Guinness World Records, competition in fast eating of the hot peppers, numerous concerts of well-known artists,musicians, singers performances of cultural and artistic societies from the country and abroad. Unfortunately for some, it is planned that Leskovac Barbecue Festival gradually changes its concept, following European standards, but at the same time not losing its basic idea - cooking of culinary specialties from the grill. During the event, the main boulevard is closed for traffic for five days, and food stands are set along the streets, so you can make sure never to be hungry.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and check out Leskovac and Rostiljijada. Even if you decide to visit the city apart from the manifestation, you will have an amazing adventure among the people, both locals and turists, while visiting monuments and the best of Leskovac nightlife, about which I will write more. Stay tuned!

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