Lemurian Lake, a unique pink oasis in Ukraine

Marusia Bilous | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you are going to Israel, you plan a trip to the Dead Sea. After all, everyone wants to get to a place that contains more minerals than any other natural body of water.  It was a big surprise for me to learn that, in Ukraine, there is a lake where the salt content in water is even higher than that of the Dead Sea. In the south of Ukraine, some 100 kilometres from Kherson, near the village of Grygorivka, in one of the coves of the Sivash Bay, there is an unusual Lemurian Lake - a unique pink oasis also called the Dead Sea of Ukraine. You will be captivated by its beauty and amazed by its healing properties.

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Lemurian Lake is a unique phenomenon of nature

Lemurian Lake or the Dead Sea of Ukraine is a unique natural phenomenon. The lake has healing characteristics and huge mineral content. This incredibly beautiful place differs from other lakes by its rich pink colour. What makes it so unique? Even the history of its occurrence is surprising. In the 1970s, a military plane with full ammunition crashed into the place where Lemurian Lake is now. As a result of the horrific explosion, an abyss with a diameter of about 40 meters was formed. After a while, the water of a strange colour began to fill that spot. Today, scientists from around the world confirmed that the pink lake has unique healing properties. The odour in the lake saturates with iodine, bromine, hydrogen sulfide, and sodium chloride.

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The Dead Sea of Ukraine is much saltier than the Israeli one - the entire gulf salt stock exceeds 200 million tons and its concentration in water reaches up to 35%, while in the Dead Sea it is only 27-30%. The water here is so salty that it is impossible to sink in it. You can sunbathe without leaving the water - the salt will keep the body afloat at all times.

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The healing pink lake

Another peculiar feature of Lemurian Lake is its pink colour. This unique colouration is due to the special microalgae that produce beta-carotene and colour the water under the influence of the sun. The hotter the summer, the more water evaporates from the lake and more saturated the saltwater becomes. Until recently, this lake was not popular with the tourists, but every year it became more and more attractive. Someone just wants to do a unique photoshoot on the shores of the pink lake, and someone comes here to get well. Healing water helps in the treatment of chronic diseases of the joints, skin, as well as diseases associated with inflammatory processes. The shore of the lake is equipped with showers with fresh water, sunbeds, gazebos for relaxation, mini-playground. Admission to the lake is free. This place has many advantages, and it is not possible to miss the opportunity to come here. Welcome to the Dead Sea of Ukraine, get well and take some unique photos in this pink oasis.

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