Legendary people from the Balkans

Zlata Golaboska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It is not an unusual concept for one place to become famous because of a person related to this spot. As an architect, I strongly believe that people are making the place, and I tend not to isolate this two: places from people. Building monuments is the most direct connection between this two, but for some legends, a physical monument is not needed. So, have you met these people? Let's start!

Toshe Proeski

The angel with the most beautiful smile. He was the most famous singer in the Balkans and he died at 27 at 2008. He is from Kruhevo, Macedonia, and there is the memorial house dedicated to him. He had an amazing voice, charisma and he was a hard worker. This combination made him the Balkan legend.


Josip Broz commonly known as Ti[to](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/balkan-trivia-where-to-find-tito-in-belgrade-part-1-quqe) was a Yugoslav communist revolutionary and political leader, serving in various roles from 1943 until his death in 1980. Since most Balkan countries were part of Yugoslavia, Tito is often taken as a symbol of this region of the World. Some people are still remembering his period as the best they have, so we have to give him some credits. This topic is always a good one for debate during drinking rakia with Balkan people.


Mostly known as Serbian Mother is one of the first turbo-folk singers, and she is still the biggest star in the Balkans. Unfortunately or not, she is the only one that can gather hundreds of thousands of people in her concerts. Many people dislike her, and many worship her. Me? I can talk a lot about this while drinking a beer. Leave a message at the bottom of this story when you are around.

Bjelo dugme

(translated. White Button) White Button is one of the most famous Yugoslav rock groups, founded in Sarajevo in 1974. The guitarist was the famous Goran Bregovic. Debutant album, with a recognizable hard rock sound, with an influence of Balkan folk music, it has brought them popularity across the country. Their long active career made them most recognizable music artists from Yugoslavia. As I mentioned previously, many people are still yu-nostalgic, so the music made by Bjelo Dugme is still trending, at least Balkan wide famous.

Toma Zdravkovic

Toma is known as the Balkan blues maker. Toma is the symbol of bohemian life in the Balkans. He got married four times, and he was drinking in kafana till his very last day. He is the author of many sad kafana songs that are still being interpreted during drunk kafana nights around Balkan. Just for illustration, some of his songs titles translated are: “What for is this life to me?” “Kafana is my destiny” “I reached the bottom of my life”. Tomas songs are extremely good fit in the ‘’after break-up’’ period. The lyrics and slow music make the natural atmosphere for drinking, and here in the Balkans, that is the best cure for soul ache.

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