La Granadella in Javea, Alicante

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Spain is a very popular destiny in summer for those who chase sun and energy because of its beautiful and diverse beaches and great weather. Check out this for more information about beaches in the south of Andalucia. Well, the stunning bays in Javea won’t disappoint you and it’s time to find some of the best spots in this place. Javea is a coastal town situated in the north of the province of Alicante by the Mediterranean Sea, which has some of the most cleanest, bluest and most beautiful bays in the country. Its coast runs for 25 km full of unspoiled coves, amazing cliffs with great views, board walks, and a few bars and restaurants. The Javea coast only has a sandy bay and several cosy, rocky bays hidden in beautiful spots between mountains, and sometimes you need to walk for a bit to get to some of them. One of the best things about this place is that people can enjoy its beaches during the entire year, since it has a micro-climate which lets people enjoy the water throughout the year, with 18°c and 24°c as average temperatures. Some of the most unique coves are Cala La Granadella, Cala del Ambolo, and Playa del Arenal (the only sandy bay) and in this first part of my article, I will write about Cala La Granadella, which is actually the most visited.

The picture shows the Cabo de la Nao (Cape of the Ship in English), that marks the southern limit of the Gulf of Valencia and the beginning of the Javea coast.

Picture © Credits to OlafSpeier

Cala La Granadella

Situated in the southeast part of Javea, in isolated surroundings, it is considered the crown jewel of this area. It is a 160 metre long, loose stoned beach, that has been awarded Blue Flag status several times for its impeccable beauty and clean blue, quiet water. La Granadella can be the perfect spot for those that are into diving, snorkeling and other aquatic sports - you can also hire a canoe and visit some of its caves which hide in the huge cliffs that surround the area. The beauty of its depths are well known among divers, and it is not a good place for practicing windsurf, surf or paddle surf as there is no wind there. If you want to combine beach and hikes, then you can do the route of Castell de la Granadella , which starts before the parking spots and takes you to a cliff on the right side of the bay. There used to be a fortress there to watch over the bay. Although you can find only ruins of the castle now, the views to the beach and of the surroundings are amazing.

Picture © Credits to borjalaria

Now that summer is ending, is a really good time to go on an adventure and enjoy these magical spots full of green and blue colours, sun and life, to get some energy for the beginning of the new academic year and forget about worries and problems.

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