Kraljevo, The King's Town

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Visit the preserved Serbian gem

If you feel like travelling back to time for a bit, and really experiencing the best of the Serbian medieval history that the city vibe offers through nearby monasteries and monuments, then you are reading the right article. Let's continue our Ba[lkan journey]( by stopping at the central part of Se[rbia]( and discovering the precious gem I am sure you haven't heard of yet - Kraljevo, The King's Town.

The city is a rather appealing spot due to its location and proximity to river, mountains and Belgrade . Kraljevo, meaning the King's Town, received its present name in honor of the coronation of King Milan I of Serbia and six Serbian kings that had been crowned in that area. The modern coat of arms of the city features seven crowns symbolizing the seven kings. This is the place where all the cultural traditions have begun.

This lower *Ibar region* is in fact thought to be the first area where Serbs began to develop their cultural, political and economic life. Thus it is really not mistaken to claim that Kraljevo is the birhtplace for Serbian culture. The Serbian state of Raska was formed in the 11th century, centered around the old city of Ras in the area of today's Novi Pazar.

What makes Kraljevo an extraodrinary destination and a must see for history lovers are the numerous monasteries in the area, such as Studenica, Gradac and Stara Pavlica, as well as a medieval fortress known as Maglic. Probably the most famous and definitely beautiful one, Monastery of Zica, used to be the original seat of Serbian Archbishop where the coronation of Serbian kings took place, more specifically, in the Coronation Church.

This city is an amazing spot for sports lovers. As you probably have already guessed it, the most popular sports in Kraljevo are basketball, (national sport) volleyball and football. The town is known as "Serbian Bologna" because it is home of KK Sloga and KK Masinac both playing in Top Serbian basketball division. FK Sloga Kraljevo is the best Kraljevo football team.

In the end, this has been just a small overview of the King's Town and what it can offer to its tourists. If you are tired of the mainstream, touristy spots and you are really looking for the hidden gems of the region, then Kraljevo is a place that will not cease to amaze you. Hurry up, book your tickets and let's embark on this journey together.

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