Komitas & the Museum-Institute named after the composer

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There are and there always will be prominent and talented individuals in the world. Since you came across this article, you will learn about one of them - one of the greatest sons of the Armenian nation - Komitas and the Museum-Institute named after the composer. Komitas was much more than just a composer. My experience while listening to his music is that it has a universal power, and the spiritual sounds of his music can heal souls.


Komitas had established the Armenian national art music. He was born in 1869. When his parents passed away, he was taken to Ejmiadzin (the Holy center of Armenia) at the age of 11. There Komitas, who had a fantastic voice, got familiar with the principles of harmony. Later, he established the International Music Society. He published his first collection of solo and choir arrangements of Armenian folk songs and music in Paris. Afterwards, he studied theoretical and practical disciplines of Armenian sacred music, and then he started to compose his own style of music, which is unique and not common to any other type of music. He did it the way no one else could do it. Till nowadays, his music and songs are played at the Armenian apostolic church during the Holy Mess. His music wraps your soul with peace and harmony. 

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Komitas Museum-Institute

While in Yerevan, it is worth visiting the Komitas Museum-Institute. It is** situated in the Pantheon named after Komitas, on the Arshakunyats Street, where many outstanding figures of Armenia’s artistic world are buried. At the far corner of the park is located the Museum-Institute, that is open since 2015. Besides presenting Komitas** life and activities, it also has a separate music hall. Time to time, there take place random concerts and classical music evening gatherings.  At the museum, you may find permanent and temporary exhibitions. 

Nowadays, when someone deals with Komitas music, even very experienced artists are very skeptic about whether they can do it or not, as what he created is very complicated, and you need to have the courage to do it.

As for the temporary exhibitions, there are very interesting ones, and they usually bring many art and culture lovers together. This museum-institute is very lively with many people around it, especially when they host special events such as concerts, educational programs (mainly about songs and music) and lecture meetings.

I believe that visiting the Museum-Institute named after Komitas will bring you one step closer to the Armenian culture and will make you look at Armenian people from the spiritual perspective and through the eyes of the great composer

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