Kids have fun in Yerevan

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Because many parents travel with their kids, I have decided to tell you about a couple of places where you can take your kids so they have fun in Yerevan and, instead of getting bored, enjoy their stay to the fullest.


One of those places is “The citizen”. This amusement center is designed like a real city that has its streets and anything else that we can find in regular cities: hospitals, beauty salons and etc. So, basically, kids enter into different buildings, get dressed in special uniforms that are provided by the center and learn everything about that profession. For example, they enter a hospital, get dressed like doctors and they are taught how to act like doctors. In the bakery they bake cakes; they work in the auto service; kids can also experience how it feels like being a police officer or working in construction. Besides, there are other sections: technology sector, rescue service, municipal service office, chocolate factory, radio station, insurance company, knowledge center and many more. It is really fun. So by bringing them there, it’s kind of an easy way for parents to teach their kid what professionals do: not only they hear about it, but also practice it.


Doctor Gevorg, doctor Elina and doctor Alex

Another fun place is “Yes republic” that is an intellectual kids club mainly for the kids between 3-13. The club was built with non-toxic and anti-bacterial chemicals and dyes. Kids here participate in creative, entertaining team games without their parent’s presence. They can find there a Science corner (doing scientific experiments and learning new things), Professional kitchen (making sweets, salads and etc.) , Art Academy (developing imagination), Yes theater (developing acting skills) , Pop-corn cinema (watching movies and cartoons), Legomania (building houses and etc.), Yes ceramic studio (making cups, dishes and etc.).


little Mari in one of the parks of Yerevan

"Orange Elephant" in another fun place that is available in different cities of Armenia including Yerevan. Here, kids play and make different “arts and crafts” using color sand, bath paint, window paints and suncatchers, finger paints, modeling dough, A-clay as well as they do painting on velvet.


In many countries, including Armenia, June 1st is celebrated as International Children’s day. If it happens that you are here on that day, you won’t need to search for places to take your kids there as the whole city celebrates this holiday and, on each street (in the suburbs and in the city center), you can find numerous concerts and fun activities organized for kids. The open-air concerts, theaters, and performances that take place in all the corners of the city are performed by kids from different cultural centers of Yerevan. Tourists rather spend their time in central parts of the city: Northern Avenue, Freedom square by the Opera, Cascade, Republic square. Activities include but are not limited to drawing on the ground, painting, taking pictures, open-air games, making soap bubbles, dancing, and singing.


credits to RobertDavit

I hope that my article "Kids have fun in Yerevan" will help you to better arrange your kids' schedule in Yerevan, so they also take many funny and memorable pictures from here.

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