Kadriorg: relaxing walks and fine arts in Tallinn

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Kadriorg has always been the most beautiful place where one can take relaxing walks in Tallinn. Under the tall trees, you can see young couples strolling hand in hand, and people having picnics and enjoying their day. You can get lost there for hours while walking through the royal park and admiring the fine arts in the surrounding museums that belong to the Kadriorg Palace.

Legacy of the Russian czar - Peter the Great

When the Russian czar, Peter the Great conquered the Baltics, the region of Kadriorg enchanted him. He decided to build here a palace with a park for his wife, Katariina I. It is argued that Katariina might have actually been from** Estonia, born the daughter of a slave. She eventually rose to the top of the Romanov dynasty. Katariina I arrived in Russia as a war prisoner and won the czar’s heart. Although the girl was not of royal descent (which was unthinkable back then), the czar couldn’t stay away from her and married her, against the wishes of his advisors. The unusual couple visited Tallinn often, and the czar finished building the picturesque park and the summer castle in 1725**. As one walks around, one can still feel the royal vibe of the place. Today, the palace area contains a Japanese park, a beautiful fountain and a couple of museums. 


Enjoy the culture around every corner

Kadriorg is often called the park of culture. While nature and parks can be very relaxing, and monuments of famous Estonian cultural figures are a sight to behold, Kadriorg also offers something for your soul. It has the best art museums in Estonia. The biggest of them is the Kadriorg Art Museum, located in the palace of Kadriorg. The castle is filled with early European and Russian art – paintings, sculptures, and applied arts. Around 9000 works of art from the 16th to the 20th century can be found inside. For more modern art, a new KUMU (one of the largest art museum chains in Estonia) can be found on Kadriorg's grounds. Classic and contemporary Estonian art is exhibited here, combined with the exhibitions of famous artists from all over the world.  


Elite residential district

The park and castle are not the only gems of Kadriorg. The area was an elite residential district, and the houses are preserved to this day. While walking the streets of Kadriorg, there are no modern glass buildings to see, just lovely small wooden houses. These houses are the most desired real estates in Estonia. Also, living next to the residence of the Estonian president is tempting.

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Kadriorg is an excellent place where one can take relaxing walks in Tallinn. Get lost for hours, walking through the royal park, and enjoying fine arts in exquisite museums.

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