Jardins, São Paulo's fanciest neighbourhood

Luciane Oliveira | Live the World

November 23, 2022

"Oscar Freire" street: a place to see and to be seen

Allow me to introduce you to the most sophisticated area in São Paulo city: the “Jardins.” The word that means “gardens” in Portuguese represents the combination of several neighborhoods including "Jardim Paulista," "Jardim América," "Jardim Europa," "Jardim Paulistano" and certain parts of the "Cerqueira César" region. All these “gardens” were intentionally put together to create a quality of life and sophistication in the area. Indeed, the neighborhood developed itself into a very exclusive region and represented the "crème de la crème" of São Paulo city. To experience what Jardins has to offer, I would propose a tour through the main street of “Oscar Freire” and the nearby area. Let’s find out exciting places to shop, to have a coffee or to simply walk by while in this fancy neighborhood.

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Coffee with elegance!

First things first, let’s start by having a coffee, to put you in the mood of the place. If you are a coffee lover like me, you will be pleased to know that there are many options to enjoy a top-quality espresso in the area. “Santo Grão” Café is definitely one of them. You can try their signature blend coffee and hit the road- or stay longer and enjoy your espresso along with a tasty breakfast. Another great option is "Suplicy Café," where you can enjoy coffee from Brazilian fields served by a well-trained barista. However, if you want to eat like a local, then your place is “Galeria dos Pães.” It looks like a gourmet market, and it has an extensive menu option. Try the super Brazilian “pão de queijo,” a gluten-free, baked cheeseball, which is a perfect pairing for a cup of coffee. In case you are craving traditional sweets, then your choice should be “Cristallo.” There, you can have an espresso with a slice of the classic Christmas bread: “Pannetone.” Wait a minute….it is not Christmas time! But don’t worry, it is available all over the year.

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 Glamour and style dictate the vibe.

At the very heart of Jardins, stands Oscar Freire street with enlarged sidewalks and beautiful views of the elegant shop windows. Top international stores line up with the most famous Brazilian fashion brands. Lots of places to eat or have drinks can be found in between. Oscar Freire Street is listed within the most sophisticated places in the world for shopping and entertainment. If you prefer the atmosphere of an open area instead of a shopping mall, then Oscar Freire is the place to be. The street has become truly a fashion runaway. It reflects the fashionable spirit, full of creativity and style, of the shops and local designers. One of the stores that puts in evidence the uniqueness of this place is Galeria Melissa. This plastic shoes flagship store has a metamorphic façade that changes according to the collections and new launches of the brand. You will be surprised with how “Melissa has created shoes that translate Brazilian inspirations into plastic.”

Another iconic place is Havaianas’ flagship store. The world-known Brazilian flipflop store has 300 square meters filled with products of every imaginable color. Additionally, you can buy exclusive beach clothing that you won’t find in any other shop. However, sophistication is, indeed, the signature of the Jardins areaBrazilian designers, such as Patricia Motta, Gloria Coelho, and Cris Barros, will show you why Brazil is growing in the international fashion scene. Besides, brands like "Tuffi Dueki" and Osklen transcribe the Brazilian vibe into their creations. It is unfair not to cite every fashion designer in the area. Each one contributes to building a unique style of Brazilian fashion. Go shopping or just window shopping. It’s worth the tour, even if you do not intend to buy. It will give you a bit of the Brazilian way of life, full of energy and joy.

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© flickr/ Caliel Costa

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