How to be extreme in Southern Norway

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Good day, all fellow boarders, climbers, and adrenaline enthusiasts. Norway has an extreme landscape that is suitable as the background for the best extreme sports videos. Repeatedly I get told by the tourists I hang out with that ''there's no wonder Vikings are from here, everything is extreme''. Landscape-wise there's no question, but what about with extreme sports? What does Norway have to offer you and how can you be extreme in the country? There's another article on the same subject called How to be extreme in Norway. More adventure sports are found in Turkey, and also mountain biking in Greece

Oslo indoor skate park

Picture © Credits to Google maps

A fancy and modern indoor skate park. Architecturally pleasing and the skateboarders are really satisfied with the result. They made a skate shop here and a restaurant! A good opportunity for the local marketplace of skateboarders. You can buy a daily ticket or a yearly pass. You say you didn't bring a skateboard? No problem! They lend you one without an extra charge. These systems are quite handy for us extreme travellers. Another bonus point is when the weather gets good again, you go outside and skate the concrete park right outside.

If you want to see art while in Oslo, check out Edvard Munch's Oslo

Hafjell ski centre

Picture © Credits to Pixabay/Mzarkova

The leading snowboard park in Norway is found in Hafjell. The winter Olympics was here in 1994. The standard is top notch in this ski centre. Hundreds of rails, loops, jumps, and other fun stuff to perform art on snowboards and skis. They have a half-pipe and also a jump into a huge airbag where you can practice your newest tricks. You find woods in the middle of the mountains to cruise between the trees like that James Bond movie. The off-piste opportunities are also vast in Hafjell. The summers in Hafjell gives you the opportunity to ride down the slopes of the mountain with your bike. A special bike park is prepared for you to show off your abilities.

After a whole day of extreme sports, you might want to rest in a peaceful yet comfy place close to nature, like this modern cozy cottage. It has the best location at Hafjell, exactly located at Mosetertoppen, close to the ski stadium. Fully equipped with comfy beds, bathroom, kitchen, and living room, this cottage is priced at around 300 Euros per night. But, you can enjoy 10% off discount on your booking when you use the coupon code "LTW10".

Closest city: Lillehammer, Hamar


Picture © Credits to Pixabay/Free-photos

The main place for extreme sports activities is in Voss. The week of extreme sports is called Ekstremsportsveko and they have bikers flipping on dirt jumps, para shooting, canoe cruising, and most of the extreme sports you can think of. The mindset of people in June in Voss is euphoric and excited. It's hard to find angry and grumpy people on the streets these days. Voss is one hour from Bergen and gives you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds

Paragliding in Voss

To make use of the amazingly clean air we have in Norway, a great way to show respect is by going paragliding. Imagine the views of the fjords and water you get from your paragliding trip. If you have your own equipment, you go to the mountain and run off the cliff. If you want to try paragliding out, come to Voss and do tandem paragliding with great comfort and sweet Norwegian people. The guys doing this really care about your comfort and even guide you during the flight. This means that an included guided tour is available for your flight. The prices are under 200 Euros. Pretty decent for Norway! For those of you who want to be adrenaline junkies and still have a few fears to deal with, remember that Norway is heavily regulated and the safest country you can find.

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Closest big city: Bergen

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