Hiking on the highest spot of Åland

Eileen Robinson | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Ålandsk heights - Orrdalsklint

Sunday morning, on Åland. Are you as excited as I am? Today is a day off and it’s not raining. Amazing! It’s time to discover the island a bit...

Let’s go for an ambitious goal: climbing the highest point on Åland… Orrdalsklint!

Nope, I’m kidding, it’s not a challenge at all. It’s a hill and it’s only 129meters high. But it’s a lovely walk. There is a small wooden structure and the view from it is gorgeous: Åland regroup many islands and some of them lay just before your eyes.

If you have binoculars this is a go time to use them! Scan the blue sky for eagle. How are their tails? The color will tell you how old they could be. But those are not the only birds you can watch. High in the sky, hidden in the trees, flying across the orchards or the lakes, small or big, they are many. Swans, robins, crows, geese, ducks, titmice, woodpeckers, … You just have to open your eyes!

Birds are not your thing? You like to see a lot of animals? Don’t be sad: there is more. Deers will eventually cross your road at night, rabbits are all around, highland cows are waiting for you and if you’re lucky you may even see mooses…

That’s where I leave you. Rediscover he land by looking for life around. Walk in the wild of the heights of the island. Loose yourself in the forests.. Find some mushroom for dinner.

Breathe ålandsk air.



... Practical Corner

It's quite difficult to get to the hill without a car but if you have the day you could make it by bike.

The eagles and other birds are visible from about everywhere on the island. It's just easier from there.

Be careful when you drive by night on Åland: a lot of deers tend to cross the road when it's dark and it can be really surprising!

There isn't an obvious path all the time during the walk but it's not difficult to find your way.

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