Hiking and Trekking in Garfagnana

In the north of Tuscany, hidden and protected by the Apuan Alps to the West and by the Northern Apennines to the North-East, there is a surprising green area that stands out for its quiet, slow life flow, nature, and traditions. Garfagnana is yet another precious and unique realities Italy finds itself full of; despite always being cross by heavily used roads and despite important and busy urban centres nearby, such as Lucca, Pisa, and Florence, this location has found its way to keep itself steady and connected to its roots.

There is certainly no shortage of activities and worth-the-visit spots in the Garfagnana valley. What strikes at first the visitors is the area’s woods density and extension; hiking or having excursions through the beech trees and chestnut trees and maybe sighting a town in distance is definitely a good idea if you are an outdoor kind of person. If you prefer something more challenging, you can enjoy some medium-high level trekking paths on the Forato mountain. The climb reaches more than 800 meters so is probably better to have experience and a good pair of shoes.

Visiting the Grotta del Vento (Grotto of Wind) is also a good choice once in the area. The Grotto has karst origins. The water from rain and snowfall penetrated the mountain as it headed towards the valley slowly creating these natural stalactites and stalagmites. Another great example of Mother Nature’s craftiness.

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