Hikers, get ready to climb: Biokovo Nature Park

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Let’s start this little story about Biokovo Nature Park with this quote by Dr. fra Jure Radić. Dr Radić has a significant importance for this park. He was scientist and a priest. One of the peaks on the Biokovo Mountain is named after him, as well as the highest church in Croatia. This amazing mountain is located in Split-Dalmatian County, very close to Makarska. Biokovo Nature Park is a place to see if you are passionate hiker, biologist, speleologist, ornithologist or herpetologist, or just a nature enthusiast and in love with amazing views on the sea from the top.

Flora and fauna

This important nature park (declared and officially protected since 1981) is a home for many different species of plants and many kinds of animals and reptiles. This all makes it a paradise for biologist. If you want to see fire salamander this is a right place for that. Besides salamander and other reptiles Biokovo will let you see and know more than 200 different species of butterflies.


Advisory: Biokovo Nature Park is also home for big number of snakes and lizards – so, if you are not big fan of those better avoid places marked as home of snakes or lizards or come with the guide that will explain it all and make your visit safer.


While hiking why not learning on the way. Biokovo Nature Park offers you educational trails with boards on the trail way where one can learn more about this park, its flora and fauna and about all those caves and pit caves. There are more than 20 ways and trails and you can choose your own – you can choose from easy to hard and also choice can be made by the purpose and your own aim – whether you want to learn more about history and culture or you are more nature type. Beautiful views on the Adriatic Sea and islands (Hvar, Brač, Korčula, among others) are guaranteed either way. Walking through pine forests will fill your lungs with beautiful clean air, view on the islands will fill your heart and widen up your horizons and caves and vertical caves will take your breathe away.


From Makarska it’s only 2.5 km so, better start your trail down in the city and finish it on the top with amazing view. More details, maps, working hours and fees you can find on the park’s official website. Also, this nature park is close to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so after/or before visiting Mostar and europe’s most admired bridge come and see Biokovo Nature Park.


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