Greenery in Kazakhstan: the Botanical garden of Nur-Sultan

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It is a known fact that the capital city of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, is located in the middle of steppes. A little more than 15 years ago, no one would even think that this city would turn into one of the most rapidly growing capital cities in the world. Moreover, surprisingly it is turning into a green city day by day. Apart from being famous for having a significant amount of shopping malls & museums, Nur-Sultan offers the possibility to enjoy the greenery in its various parks: the most popular one at the moment is the Botanical garden of Nur-Sultan

The Botanical garden: general info

All big cities across the world have Botanical gardens; similarly, the Nur-Sultan city created it in the center of the newly built district, on the left bank of the city. The Botanical garden welcomes locals and guests since the summertime of 2018. The territory is 92 hectares, 63 of which are covered by greenery, and 17.7 used for scientific works. It hosts scientists who investigate the introduction, acclimatization, selection and spread of plants. The park has around 34 thousand trees and 86 thousand bushes brought from Europe, Asia, and North America. There is also a greenhouse functioning together with eight laboratories. It is a perfect place for people of all ages, for sure. Once you are in the Botanical park, you would never imagine how it looks from the above, but in a bird's eye, the whole park reflects a beautiful big flower

© instagram / farikz

Activities not to be missed

 The park is built in a way to comfort every type of person: walkers, runners, and cyclists. Depending on the color of the lanes, you can practice different activities without any distractions. There, 11 km are given to cyclists, 10.5 km are for runners, and the whole garden is accessible to walk in and have a good time. Additionally, the garden has around 21 sports facilities and playgrounds for children and adults. Before coming to the Botanical garden, please make sure that you have your snacks and drinks prepared in advance, as there are no stalls selling any. There is an artificial pond near the bridge, where people usually place blankets on the grass and have small picnics. As trees are still young and not that tall, in the daytime bring sunglasses and a headcover: for the night it is recommended to have an insect repellent with you to avoid mosquitos and have an enjoyable time.

© instagram / naz_makhanova

Visit on a budget

We have good news for everyone, especially for tourists with a low budget. The Botanical garden is free of charge and available to visit with no time limit. In the night, the whole park lightens up with different colors, and one can enjoy the sound of the water fountain splashing. Calm your soul and breathe fresh air right in the middle of the newest part of the Nur-Sultan city. It is truly a worthwhile experience during your travel. Any time of the day, the park is full of positive energy. In the daytime, the park offers plenty of activities such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, and other games. At night, you might see a band playing live music and just enjoy the rest of your evening surrounded by greenery and city lights. If you are done with the Botanical garden, spare some time to broaden your schedule by visiting attractions located within walking distance, like the Nur-Alem spherical museum, the Mega Silk Way shopping mall, and the Baiterek tower

© instagram / farikz

Visiting the newly growing city, especially in the heart of steppes is a unique experience: enjoy the greenery in the Botanical garden of the Nur-Sultan city in Kazakhstan! 

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