The Nur-Alem EXPO spherical museum

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When in Kazakhstan,  you should know that the Baiterek tower is considered the official symbol of Nur-Sultan city. The sphere of the Nur-Alem museum is now known as a new unofficial symbol of the capital city of Kazakhstan. This museum was built about two years ago for the EXPO 2017, which took place in Nur-Sultan. Today the EXPO area is welcoming guests to have a walk around it and visit the Nur-Alem EXPO spherical museum

© iStock / Lina Shatalova

EXPO 2017 

EXPO 2017 was an International Exhibition that took place in Nur-Sultan from June 2017 to September. As we all know, the EXPO was meant to offer an exposition possibility to different countries all around the globe that would be gathered in one place. So, an EXPO territory was built and designed for this event. Its biggest attraction is now a sphere, and it has a lot of exhibits dedicated to ‘Future Energy.’ The EXPO 2017 hosted more than 100 countries and ten international organizations. Each country had a chance to represent its facilities that show how to save energy and suggest solutions for future energy sources in pavilions. Now all the places that used to be pavilions belong to local companies, IT institutes, coworking space, etc.

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The sphere

The sphere is located in the left bank of the city with easy access to most tourist destinations around the town, the airport, and many more. The Nur-Alem sphere is of 100 m height. It is considered to be the highest spherical construction - only giving way to the Ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm, Sweden, with a difference of 30 m in diameter. The sphere has eight floors, and each of them is different.

© / Artyukh Igor

The floors 

The journey starts with the 8th floor, where you will be shown the view of the new city and its architecture. By 2050 Kazakhstan’s ambitions might bring the capital city to unbelievable architectural changes. The 7th floor is about space energy, where you will see the items used in space. Sliding down to the 6th floor, you will see the solar energy and small versions of all planets. The 5th floor will tell you about wind energy; there are some interesting things to do as exploring a room with different levels of wind. It is fun, and there you can take memorable photos. The 4th floor will lead you to the energy of biomass, whereas the 3rd floor is dedicated to kinetic energy. On these floors, you will have lots of activities and games to play. If the 2nd floor is about water energy, then the 1st floor is dedicated to the national items of Kazakhstan. There you will have the chance to get to know more about the Kazakh culture.

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What else to do around

There are lots of other fun things to do outside of the spherical museum of Nur-Alem; for example, there is a huge playground and a walking area for people of all ages. When you go out of the museum, there is the biggest shopping mall in the city, Mega Silk Way, which is just a 1-2 min walk from the EXPO area. There you can get some food, watch a movie in the cinema, do some shopping - well anything that you would do in a regular shopping mall. After a 5 min walk, you can enjoy the Botanical garden, which is full of visitors who come there for a picnic or cycling in summer. In winter there is an open ice skating rink and a snow hill for sledding

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© flikr / Kazakhstan Embassy in KL

Working hours and prices

The sphere works from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays and to 8 pm on weekends. Keep in mind that Monday is a day off. Regarding the prices, the entrance is free of charge for children under six years old. For all the others, it will only cost around $ 4. You can buy tickets online on Also, around the city, you might find some ticket-selling spots; they are spread all around. And there is a ticket office right at the entrance of the sphere too. There is no time limit once you enter, so you are welcome to enjoy and have a walk inside the EXPO spherical museum of Nur-Alem for as long as you wish

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