Greek Adventure Project; Zagori Hiking Experience

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As mentioned previously in my Medium article, itinari reinforces its qualitative positioning by collaborating with trusted partners which are very connected and dedicated to their territory.

One of those well-established and active in the e-tourism partners of ours is now the “Greek Adventure” association based in Greece.

Let me finally get to the point, and it’s about time to introduce our first alternative excursion suggested by Greek Adventure.

The destination;

Zagori is a region and a municipality in the Pindus mountains in Epirus, in the northwestern Greece. It has an area of some 1,000 square kilometers and contains 46 villages known as Zagori villages (or Zagorochoria) and is in the shape of an upturned equilateral triangle. Only a few hours away from Thessaloniki, (well… to be specific 3hours) Zagorochoria for sure, is a pure and seductive holiday destination for all seasons but personally I’d suggest a visit during autumn or winter!

The suggested itinerary - 3 days hiking, 3 days experiencing the nature!

Day 1; Kipi-Monodendri: Start your day from Kipi village where you will meet the rest of the hikers joining the Greek Adventure’s group, at the main square of village. After some mandatory briefing, soon you’ll start walking on the main road till you reach the famous bridge of Plakida. From there you’ll follow a beautiful path inside a majestic oak tree forest. Very soon you’ll be reaching the Vikos gorge and the village of Monodendri, where you’ll have the chance to taste some incredible local delicacies and some homemade wine!

Day 2; Monodendri-Vikos: During the next 9 km you’ll be hiking to different elevation rates through a wonderful naturalistic landscape with huge and impressive laminated stones. While walking along the Vikos gorge you can pay a visit the springs of Voidomatis River that you’ll come across very soon. Once you arrive to Megalo Papigo village you can have some rest and spend the night in that small picturesque paradise!

Day 3; Papigo-Natural Pools: Start the 3d day walking the scenic route to Mikro Papigo known for its caves, inhabited during the Neolithic times. Continue uphill till you reach the red Lithari, located between Astraka and the Gorge of Vikos while enjoying the stunning views of the Albanian mountains. Take the same way back but this time through the most beautiful village of the 14th century Mikro Papigo, where you can have lunch. After exploring the village, continue to the gorge Rogovou (natural pools), a small canyon with cold running water formed pools - a great place for a relaxing bath!

Sounds exhilarating right? If you liked the suggested route, then do not hesitate, contact straight Greek Adventure and book your 3day-hiking experience in Greece!

Ready to book?? More information can be found he[re!](

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