Gran Canaria; The Maspalomas dunes

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As mentioned in my previous article, the best way to explore the Gran Canaria island, is of course in my opinion, by bike. Starting a bi[cycle trip while in Gran Canaria ]( a great idea for two reasons: there are minimum distances - which allow you to explore the island in only a few days - and there is great variety of contradicting landscapes with sea and mountains , woods and desert dunes.

Starting from Las Palmas, the capital of the island which is located on the northern coast, and after crossing a long and barren mountain, you’ll end up in the extreme south and specifically in the Maspalomas area, where the ocean meets the Sahara sand dunes and the views are just fantastic.

Internationally famous as the most naturally scenic landscape of the area, the Dunas de Maspalomas or the Maspalomas dunes instantly steal your heart. While cycling in Maspalomas, immediately behind the beach, you’ll see the sand hills that have all the appearance of a desert in miniature. Even though the dunes seem endless, there is nothing to look at but the sand and the tell-tale footprints which show where other travellers have walked before you.

It is said to be a protected area of 5 square kilometers, and it has been formed by a tsunami that took place in 1755 after a big earthquake at the area. Seeing the dunes for the first time, the Sahara desert immediately comes to mind. As said above, it’s just a desert in a miniature!

The only way of exploring this beautiful naturalistic area is on foot; even though there are no camels to complete your exotic desert trip, the experience and the views are definitely rewarding.

Important; do not forget to bring water with you! You’ll definitely need it!

Stroll on the sand, take pictures, walk on the top of the dunes and enjoy your Sahara-like experience in the way I did!

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