Get your fill of culture at Irkutsk loft KOLBA

Elena Bubeeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Adaptive reuse is no more a trend of bigger cities only. More and more young people take the initiative in turning old premises into creative Arcadia. This happened to KOLBA, too. A vast block-shaped building was initially used as an artistic workshop. From 2014, it also serves as a trendy event location. Either an exhibition of modern artists from South Korea or a meetup with a German graffiti artist Hendrik Beikirch ECB, everyone can get his fill of culture at Irkutsk loft KOLBA.

Visit an ongoing exhibition 

In this gallery, issues of past and present come together. As a traveler and visitor, you are constantly challenged by the question: to rebel or to abstract away, to engage or to ignore? At KOLBA, everyone finds space for constructive dialogue and debate. Constantly hosting multiple exhibitions, it is home to both local and foreign artists. For instance, among recent solo exhibitions, Vasily Kaptyrev, a street artist from Angarsk, wonders what the place of a man in a modern city is. His works reflect various urban landscapes and scenarios through graphics and illustrations.

Photo © credits to Vasily Kaptyrev

Listen to poetry readings 

Although live poetry reading is not among typical tourist activities, it is definitely worth visiting once. From slam poetry competitions and open mic nights to theatrical music performances, at KOLBA you might listen to a variety of readings in different formats. And don’t forget that Ru[ssia ]( worldwide known for its rich literary legacy. Paying tribute to classics, younger generations though create their own works with unique style and voice, too. Cozy evenings are usually accompanied by quality acoustic sound and authentic cocktails made at the bar.

Photo © credits to Souleem/AlexeySulimov

Get a tattoo on Sunday 

Whether you love it or hate it, making a tattoo is obviously a matter of taste. For some, getting sophisticated prints inked into their body forever is a commitment, for others – an insatiate desire. But with tattoos slowly going from subculture to pop culture, more and more people feel free to show more skin, as let’s say in the 1960s. That is what the masters at KOLBA think, too.

Every Sunday, they gather here to showcase some of their finest works, guide you through the process, and actually do ink you with some amazing tattoos. You can also get involved in eye-opening talks on what has shaped the city’s tattoo scene and what keeps it going these days, or simply get a memorable marking from a Siberian master.

Photo © credits to loft KOLBA

Join one of creative master classes 

At KOLBA, they love to get together to watch independent films. Combining the high-quality sound with a superb setting with drinks and moderated discussions, these screenings are a great pass-time for old and young ones. From biography movies to travel documentaries, KOLBA’s collection includes some outstanding pieces. Event prices usually vary between 100-300 rubles. Films are mainly screened in the original version with English/Russian subtitles.

Photo © credits to loft KOLBA

No matter how diverse your artsy needs are, it’s guaranteed that everyone can get his fill of culture at Irkutsk loft KOLBA.

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