Get lost in Codru forests of Moldova

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Moldova is famous not only for delicious food and good winemaking but also for being a green land with amazing landscapes and peaceful nature. That is why, when visiting Moldova try to get lost in Codru forests also called Codrii, located on the central Moldavian hills and covering a huge part of them. Due to the deforestation for getting more vineyards, orchards and sunflower lands, Codrii is nowadays protected as a reserve, where people take care of its flora and fauna. Otherwise - the forests would just disappear.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Alex Prodan

The oldest reserve of Moldova

Being the oldest reserve of Moldova, Codru Reserve, that represents a scientific location situated in the Străşeni District of Moldova, was founded in 1971. Today, it covers about 5200 hectares. The entire area is covered with green forests of different species. The colorful trees make this place most charming in autumn. There, you can meet boars, deers, foxes, hares, badgers, golden eagles and other rare animals of our country. The reserve saves the endangered species of animals. Thus, martens on the territory of Moldova can be found only in Codru Reserve. In addition, there you can come across forest cats, included not only in the Moldavian Red Book but also in the International one. It is very interesting that you will not find any human intervention in the Reserve. Everything grows and develops in its own natural way. The territory can be visited by tourists, so you can look observe the amazing reserve, that is preserved keep its original beauty. 

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Alex Prodan

The decrease of forests area  

During the Middle Ages, most of the hills of Moldavian territory were forested. Those areas often were referred to as Codru, having various names for each particular region. For example, the most popular were Codrii Hotinului (Hotin Forests), Codrii Orheiului (Orhei Forests) and Codrii Lăpuşnei (Lăpuşna Forests). They haven't disappeared and thus became the whole part of Codru forests of Moldova. The hills take about 80%–90% of Moldova, although the area with forests has decreased after the beginning of the 19th century to about 68%. Nowadays, forests continue disappearing, and this influences not only on the land but also on our ecology. At the beginning of the 21st century,  forests took only 35% of the territory. In spite of the fact that those territories are protected, Codru forests, unfortunately, continue to be deforested. This happens due to the creation of the fields for vineyards and orchards. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/RuudMorijn

Moldavian Everest 

Being a very hilly country, Moldova has its own highest point, which is located between the two rivers - Prut and Reut, in Codru forests. It's like Moldavian Everest. It's called Bălăneşti Hill and has about 429 meters of altitude. In addition, it is known as Cracan Mountain. If you travel from Moldova to Romania, this hill will be right on the way. You should absolutely visit it and make a photo. Don't think that the hill is standing lonely and has no access to civilization. There are Bălăneşti, Milesti and Geurena villages located near Moldavian Everest. There also are points from** **which the groundwater comes out. They are located on 225, 325 and 390 meters of altitude. In addition, the top of the hill is without forests but has the triangulation tower, which currently is used for the communication technologies. As you see, on the top of Bălăneşti Hill, you will not get lost, like you can in Cordu forests in general!  

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Joerggo

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