Geneva: A Posh Experience

Vy Tran | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Geneva in Switzerland is probably the poshest destinations I have ever been. The three impressions I got from my day trip to Geneva were expensive cigars, fancy chocolate, and stylish watches. Geneva is also known as the Capital of Peace and Freedom - no wonder why I felt like I was in a utopian world.

As I arrived in Geneva from Ly[on]( by train, I immediately felt greatly peaceful as if I was meditating. Maybe that was because I knew Geneva was home to the headquarters of Europe's United Nations and the Red Cross. I still remember some random locals smiled at me and looked as if they were totally satisfied with their life. I felt very welcome as an Asian tourist (sometimes this is not the case in a few European cities). While this impression may not have been representative of the whole population of Geneva, I could tell that Geneva is generally a very happy city.

Geneva was in fact a lot more fun than what I had expected. Firstly, I was greeted by a beautiful view of the Jet D'Eau, the iconic fountain on the Geneva Lake, which somehow seemed a bit futuristic. Then I made my way to the old part of the city by walking through the bridge called Pont du Mont-Blanc. Another thing that I really liked about Geneva was that it was walkable. Although I did not manage to visit the Palace of Nations or the Conservatory and Botanical Garden, I still greatly enjoyed my walk in the the city center.

My first stop was the cigar store Davidoff, which had sophisticated design and excellent service - I was looking for some gifts for my dad. Just a few steps away was the famous chocolate shop Auer Chocolatier, which was famous for their high-quality chocolate-covered almonds. Do you know that Switzerland has one of the best chocolates in the world? Once in Geneva, do not miss the world class chocolatiers. To complete a posh experience of Geneva, my last stop was the Patek Philippe Museum. There I saw some of the most intricate, artistic, and expensive antique watches in the world. It was interesting to learn about the history of the watch. The museum looked like a 5-star hotel, and photography was not allowed so I do not have any photos to share with you. I highly recommend visiting the Patek Philippe Museum even if you are not a watch lover.

A bonus tip: While visiting Geneva, you might want to dress a little bit classier than usual.

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