Garnizon: A new bohemian district in Gdańsk

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Gdańsk is not necessarily known for its bohemian lifestyle. Nevertheless there is a big underground movement in the Tri-City when it comes to art, subculture and music. Even though this grey urban city may look bleak at first sight, anyone who’s interested in underground art and bohemian culture, will quickly realize that there is a lot of potential in Gdańsk. This potential has been discovered by the innovative architect Marcin Woyciechowski, who has created a new vibrant district in a former Garrison, called Garnizon.

Urban Design Project

Garnizon is problably the new place to be in the city center of Gdańsk. A new district, where history blends effortlessly with the contemporary lifestyle of the Tri-City, and bold ideas of visionary architects correspond with Neo-Renaissance monuments. Garnizon is an urban design project that has a new vision on the big city life: a district where "living" goes hand in hand with "lifestyle". Garnizon combines trendy apartments with work offices, art galleries, locations for cultural entertainment and culinary hot spots. A new hip district for bohemian lifestyle is born and turns the Tri-City into an attractive place for artists and underground lovers.

Centre for Culture and Entertainment

The probably most important and interessting project within the new district is "Culture Garnizon". The idea is to revitalize the historic complex of former barracks and use them as a centre for culture and entertainment. "Culture Garnizon" contains several historic buildings and a park with beautiful old trees. The project creates an urban space for subculture and activities including a bohemian music club, a concert hall, stylish restaurants and a lodge for fairs and designer markets. Here you’ll find a diverse weekly program of theatre, art and music events. Make sure you also check out the artsy little café "Kreatywna Cafe", where you’ll taste the probably best coffee in town.

This new district is definetly worth a visit while your next holiday in the Tri-city and a must see for any lover of bohemian lifestyle.

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