For Sale Pub in Brașov: Not a usual pub

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Wondering where to spend your afternoon in Brașov, Romania?** Let me tell you about a unique place that once you enter, you will never forget. Inspired by the Wild West, a couple opened not a usual pub called For Sale Pub close to the city center in Brașov**. They wanted the pub with a homey feeling and to bring people together. In Brașov, this pub is known as the pub that keeps on giving.

Unlimited gift

The reason behind is a simple yet inviting one. All the guests that enter the For Sale Pub receive an unlimited amount of peanuts. The fun part is that after eating those peanuts, the staff recommends throwing the peanut shells on the ground. The sight of so many shells on the floor is a strange one at first, but it all adds to the atmosphere of the place. Around one tone of peanuts are devoured here every month. Bags and bags of peanuts sit near the bar, awaiting one's arrival.

Picture © Credit to: pixabay

A personal touch

When the couple opened the bar, they placed a few business cards and old money bills on the walls, that are all made out of wood. The first clients entering the bar saw the business cards and decided to leave some of their own. It may have been because they liked the owners, or because they just wanted to add something personal to this lovely bar. With time, hundreds of business cards piled up, with people coming from all over the country just to leave their cards as well. So a trend was set, which until now lasts 17 years. The owners have had a lot of people coming back and looking for their business cards. Some haven't found them because the bar's clients often use them for their personal needs. So, by leaving your card in the pub, you can get potential clients for your business. The business cards often change their place because the walls need to be cleaned and the staff can't possibly place the cards back to their original spot due to the high amount of them.

An original menu

The pub is also famous for the names of the cocktails and beers they provide. „Dream of a Flustered Mare” is the name of their best-sold beer. Some cocktails have names such as „Mad Buffalo”, „Hay Tickling”, and „One-legged piggy”.

For Sale Pub is perfect for a romantic dinner with a twist or just for a casual hangout between friends, after visiting the city. The candle lights are the only source of light that the pub has, bringing an extra edge to the place.

If you wish to enter a pub that is like no other in Romania, For Sale Pub in Brașov is the one for you. While you're there, don't forget to leave a business card to become a part of the pub's family. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, you'll find it again. This not a usual pub is open every day, and rest assured, it will never run out of peanuts.

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