Food, drinks, and nightlife at Kastrychnitskaya Street in Minsk

Ivan Makarov | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Kastrychnitskaya didn’t become the most vibrant street in Minsk through one night. Places were opening up steadily. And the first ones to open and to attract the customers were not the galleries, but the bars with their "enjoy the unique" atmosphere. And it is still there to enjoy. People partying at Zybitskaya Street often take a taxi in the middle of the night to hang out in "Hooligan", eat a late-night sandwich at "Lauka" or dance to techno at  "Hide". Let me be your guide to the best food, drink, and nightlife at Kastrychnitskaya Street

Fast food

Georgian cafe «» receives orders in the counter near the old Soviet «Icarus» bus, in which you can eat. «Monkey food» sells falafel, vegan burgers, and my beloved energizing soft drink from Berlin «Club-Mate». «Depo» across the road was the first foodie place to open in Kastrychnitskaya, and they still are the most popular with around 50 different combinations of pancakes and several ciders to enjoy. «Burger-lab» hits top-charts of burger places in Minsk. Next door «Lauka» seems to be not so special with its coffee, sandwiches, and hot dogs. But, believe me, stumbling upon the only 24//7 fast food place after partying all night changes your perception.

© Ivan Makarov

International and special meals

Years ago, Tan Chao was visiting Minsk for non-food related business and didn’t find any place with decent Chinese food. So, he opened his own restaurant, bearing his name, with 50 pages long menu, big portions, and high prices. If you’re missing Italian cuisine «Italiano» restaurant is behind next door. White tiles in the vegan cafe «Green+go» make you feel like eating in a swimming pool. All-day breakfasts make «Let it be» a perfect choice for brunch.

It is beer o'clock

Beer lovers must visit two places at Kastrychnitskaya. Biggest craft-brewery in Russia «Volkovskaya» launched the «Wolki-grill» bar to have a wider brand representation in Belarus. Pub « Middle Ground» called their beer menu a «Beer Atlas» for a reason: they have classic and craft beers from all over Europe. Both « Enzo» and «Woogly» have a wide selection of wines to pair with grilled meat.

Drink and dance

Legendary «Hooligan» was the first bar at Kastrychnitskaya. You’ve got to try «Minsk mule» and its other signature cocktails. I can’t imagine a summer in Minsk without late-night dances in the summer terrace here. And crazy toilet-art by Uspeh-ink tattoo artist is worth standing in a line even if you’re just passing by. FYI: Some weekend events and parties have a 5-10 BYN (2,5-5 $/€) entrance fee. 

© Ivan Makarov

«Hide» is designed for rave parties in the city line. In the daytime, it’s hard to imagine a club at the backyard between «Green+Go» and «Burgerlab». But if there is a long cue, then it's probably «Hide» and folks hungry for a party or a performance. The same story applies to «OK16». Check posters around the venues or ask local friends for the events schedule.

I hope you enjoy this guide to food, drinks, and nightlife at Kastrychnitskaya Street. Extra tip: 24/7 shops in Minsk are very rare, and one of them is very close to Kastrychnitskaya. So if you want to buy something on your way home, check out the grocery store at Leningrad Trade Center. It’s just across the road from the OK16, just before the bridge. 

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