Flower power – arboretums in Slovenia

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The trees are in bloom and flowers are inviting honey-bees, birds, and the looks of us, the admirers. It almost seems like bragging of the nature with all these colors, beautiful flowers, and blossoming trees. And the birds singing along, making sure you don’t miss any of it. In Slovenia you don’t really need to put too much effort to enjoy all this beautiness, since you cannot escape the nature here. But still, if want to see the flowers and trees all in one place, you should go visit these parks and arboretums.

You still have a few days to catch the tulip exhibition, that is going on, but even if you visit at other times of the year, I bet it will be an exciting experience seeing various flowers, trees and other landscape decorations. If you are then visiting the neighboring Italy, you definitely should take some time for the infiorata festivals in Italy that will beautifully extend the whole flower experience.

In Arboretum Volčji Potok you will be fascinated by millions of daffodil, tulip and other spring flowers that are blossoming now and showing off in the sun. This most visited botanical garden in Slovenia is getting famous for its spring flower shows but is primarily a botanical garden for woody plants. On the area of 80 hectares you can enjoy observing the aesthetic scenery, carefully designed as a landscape park. Accommodating more than 3.500 different taxa of trees, bushes and other plants makes the park one of the richest collections of the kind in the Central Europe.

Through the forest, meadow, along the lovely streams and lakes, on every step one can adore the beauty of the nature. Here you can admire as much as 900 different species of roses and if you don’t wish to only observe but rather get your hands dirty, there are many interesting workshops they offer.

For those enjoying their vacation in northwestern part of Slovenia, there is another park that must be seen. Mozirski Gaj is a flower park that is celebrating its 40th anniversary and showing off with million of tulips and other spring flowers. Among these, the most famous is definitely the Mozirski Gaj tulip, that was cultivated in Netherlands to honor the 30th anniversary of Mozirski Gaj. With so many sights to see, you will not want to leave the park soon. From beehives, to water mills and many types of garden, there is a variety of landscape elements for you to admire. The ones that shouldn’t be missed are the Japanese and the herb garden.

Seeing so many different flowers and blossoming trees cannot leave you indifferent. Who knows what flowers or seeds you might want to take with you from the garden center and florist’s only to create some small flower corner in your home. And when you learn about all those in arboretum, it will be easier to recognize the ones crossing your path when travelling to other attractive spots in Slovenia.

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