Flamingos in Montenegro - regular guests at Ulcinj Salina

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Nestled between the most important ornithological habitats in Montenegro (Šasko lake, Skadar lake, Ada Bojana and Velika Plaza beach) Ulcinj Salina has a lot to offer. In the variety of activities you can fill your day with, the bird watching tour is something you definitely have to try! 250 bird species keep coming to Salina annually, yet the biggest attraction are the elegant, gracefully pink flamingos. Flamingos in Montenegro are regular guests at Ulcinj Salina. These birds aren't one of the usual sights in Europe, but Ulcinj Salina is lucky enough to have hundreds of them returning, year after year.

As flamingos appear at Salina, so me and my friends start planning the tour to visit them. Last year in November, we have been there in the moment when 1 200 flamingos were dwelling in the shallow water around us. Organized by Montenegro Phototrekking and the Center for Protection and Research of birds in Montenegro (CZIP), this on the first place educational tour helped us understood the complexity of the compound ecosystem that Ulcinj Salina has. They as well introduced us to the significance that Salina has, for both - Montenegro and Europe.

From the very beginning of our tour, we knew we are visiting a territory where birds live wild and free. Like always with places like this, one never knows how many inhabitants of the area will actually show up. However, we decided to keep our hopes up. Walking slowly and expecting to see these pink fluffy beings, we enjoyed observing pelicans and many other birds through binoculars and telescopes which CZIP provided for us.

After a while, we noticed first group of flamingos and continued in their direction. At the beginning they looked like a couple of small white dots, but as we were approaching closer it was easier to perceive their pink color and their great, elegant physique.

Lucky enough to encounter a large group of flamingos who were just opposite of us while we were having a break and enjoying our snacks, we had the chance to observe them for a while and being equipped with good cameras, we managed to take some great shots as well.

At the end, It was a real satisfaction to know that such an amazing place exists in your own country, a place that even flamingos appreciate. So, next time, when thinking about places worth visiting while in the Balkans, don't forget that flamingos in Montenegro are regular guest at Ulcinj Salina.

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