Five charming beaches of Pelješac

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Everything is beautiful on the Pelješac peninsula. It's like as if you are in some parallel world where everything you see is just marvelous - wonderful green hills, olive yards, oysters breeds, few hundred years old stone walls and vineyards. The sea has those beautiful blue and green colors and the clarity until the great depths. The smell of pine forest nearby will bring you in the most relaxing state of mind. The food is good, maybe the best in the whole Adriatic. Pelješac is beautiful and very popular among the Croatians. Besides all beauties there is one winery under the water. Yet, nature seems intact and you can still find the quiet places. I love going there especially because of its nature, sea, and beautiful beaches. One just cannot be disappointed with Pelješac's charming beaches and their serenity. Let me present you five of them.

Clear sea on Pelješac; Photo © credits: Milena Pigdanowicz-Fidera

Jezero Beach

Jezero Beach (Lake Beach) got its name because of the lake nearby. The water from the lake found its way to the sea via a small stream. This beach is hidden from the sights, and it's not too crowded, even during the summer season. The reason is simple - Jezero Beach can’t be reached by land. You will need to rent a small boat or ask someone to take you there. It is one kilometer away from a small village Duba.

Divna Beach

When we are near Duba, there is one more beach worth visiting. Divna Beach (The Beautiful Beach) is located near Duba, and it is as its name implies it - beautiful. The color of the sea goes from blue to green, as near the coast the bottom is covered with the sand. The sea is so clear that you can see the sand beneath. 

Divna Beach; Photo © credits: Miroslav Vajdic

Mokalo Beach

Mokalo Beach is the most famous one in Orebić, the biggest town on the Pelješac peninsula. This is a great sandy beach with many bars around it. Opposite to the sea, you can enjoy under the pin trees or just sit on the rocks and watch the horizon. Many people in Croatia consider this beach the most beautiful small beach on the Adriatic coast.

Mokalo Beach; Photo © credits: balwan

Prapratno Beach

Prapratno Beach is located in the bay with the same name. It is great for someone who isn’t a great swimmer or for a family with children, because of the shallow sea along the coast. 

Prapratno Beach; Photo © credits: balwan

Česminova Beach

If you are into sailing, Česminova Beach is the place for you. It is located 2.5 km north from Lovište, at** **the very beginning of peninsula. It is reachable mainly by foot, as it is very wild and lonely. Water is bright, so it is good for diving also.

As you can see,** these five charming beaches on Pelješac offer something for everyone, **and its serenity is magnificent. You should explore the peninsula at your own pace. Don't be indecisive - choose all of them ;) And when on Pelješac, do not miss to visit a gourmands paradise - Ston and Mali Ston

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