A gourmands paradise - Ston and Mali Ston

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

During these cold days, I like to plan my next summer holidays. If you are like me, I want to give you some ideas as well. We are on the Pelješac peninsula, one that is proud of its charming beaches. And this is a story about two small towns Ston and Mali Ston (Little Ston), and what bonds these two places, besides its natural beauties. Ston and Mali Ston** are a paradise for gourmands** but also history lovers.

Divna bay, Pelješac; Photo © credits: Dreamer4787

Kamenice from Pelješac

As I wrote in my story on the underwater winery, Pelješac is rich with its nature and history. But this peninsula is also famous for its delicious food and great wine. It also has a wonderful location, surrounded by a transparent blue sea, sandy beaches and small green hills. 

Here, you can try the trademark of this part of Croatia - the oysters from Malistonski bay. These oysters have a very long tradition of cultivation and harvesting. The locals call it kamenice (stone rocks). They breed oysters in the Malostonski bay (Little Ston bay), as the sea on that side of the peninsula is very clear and unpolluted. There are a few ways of preparing this delicious food. It could be grilled, fried or served fresh. According to some reports, these oysters are perhaps the tastiest ones because of the nutrients from the bay. There is some data that Franz Joseph I of Austria was sending his men for the cases of these oysters. Don't miss to eat kamenice with some lemon on the side.

Oysters with lemon; Photo © credits: Shaiith

Fortresses of Ston

In 1333, Serbian king Dušan gave Pelješac to the Dubrovnik Republic. In order to defend themselves and the main source of income - the salt-works, the people of Dubrovnik rose up The Great Wall 5.5 km long, that extends from Ston to Mali Ston. This wall today is intact. You have a handrail all along the way, and you can walk on the top of the Wall from Ston to Mali Ston. The view is stunning from there. In September, even a marathon across the wall is held, and if you want more active time during the holiday, make sure to be here in September. 

The Great Wall; Photo © credits: typo-graphics

Besides The Great Wall, a few fortresses were built here, such as Veliki Kaštio (Great Kaštio), Koruna and Podzvizd. Veliki Kaštio was the biggest of all, and today, it is under reconstruction. From the top of this fortress, you can have a great view of the salt-works and island Mljet. Koruna was built on the top of Podzvizd Hill and above the Small Ston town. 

Koruna fortress; Photo © credits: xbrchx

The old town of Ston is under UNESCO protection. Walking down the lovely streets, between the low buildings made of stone and ending up on small squares, you will find yourself in a place where the time has stopped. 

Street in Ston; Photo © credits: xbrchx

So, when you come to Ston and Mali Ston, a paradise for gourmands, make sure to try its delicious oysters with olives, cheese, and a glass of wine, of course. Feel the local atmosphere and the presence of past centuries. 

How to get there?

Ston and Mali Ston are only one hour ride from Dubrovnik, two hours from Makarska and two and a half hours from Split. This paradise for gourmands with great historical sites is just like a catalog place on the photos but also in real life. 

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