Five best clubbing spots in Ljubljana

The green capital of *Slovenia, *Ljubljana, is a vibrant city, which you will instantly fall in love with and where there is always something fun and interesting happening. While the city is not the biggest capital in Europe, it is the home of many students and young people and has a quite big and diverse nightlife and clubbing scene. If you are looking for some of the best spots for partying in Slovenia's capital, then you came to the right place. I want to present to you five of the best night clubs, each with its special offer of music and themed events, providing a fun experience.

Top Six Club

Let's start at the center of it - and I mean that quite literally. Top Six Club is located right in the heart of Ljubljana, on the crossroad of the capital's two most known streets – Slovenska and Čop Street. You will have the time of your life dancing to popular electronic, Balkan, and live music while meeting all sorts of fun people and dance partners. And all of that is possible with a fantastic night view of Ljubljana from the 6th floor of one of the most recognizable buildings in the city.

Parlament Pub

Also located not far from the city center, the Parlament Pub's dance floor is a smaller size, nevertheless having a special charm and pleasant vibe. A terrace with chairs and tables is also located outside on the ground floor of the building. The club is visited by people of all ages and is usually a good starting point for meeting, drinking and dancing with some of the locals during a night out.

© Facebook / ParlamentPub

Cirkus Club

Cirkus Club is one of the biggest and most popular night clubs among students and young people in Ljubljana, which also usually makes it the most crowded. Here, you will get to enjoy all types of music with good sound quality from electronic, house, urban, rock, pop, and much more. The music genre mostly depends on the theme of the night or an event taking place. Make sure to check their events on their website to help you decide, which night would be the most suitable for your music taste. 

© Facebook / Cirkus

Orto Bar

This place is the best for all of the rock enthusiasts out there. It is located near Ljubljana’s main bus and train station, as well as the city’s alternative art center – Metelkova. Besides regularly played rock music, many Slovenian and foreign bands and individuals have live performances there, making your visit even more memorable and authentic. 

© flickr / MelkiaD

Klub 4K

If you have a problem deciding which clubbing spot to choose, or you feel like trying something new on your night out, I would recommend visiting Klub 4K. Their ideas differ from strictly separating different types and genres of music, but rather to include and promote new and innovative directions on the music scene. It is a little bit of everything for everyone with an innovative mixture of house, techno, electro-funk and more from some of the best Slovenian and international artists and DJs. Although it is not the biggest club, it can still provide a fun, new experience.

© Facebook / Klub K4

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