Fine dining restaurants in Paphos

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Paphos is one of the most historical cities in Cyprus, awarded with blue flags for its incredible beaches. The city, however, has a great food culture too!  

Except for its beaches, Pa[phos]( is also famous for its gastronomy. The city is filled with restaurants for different tastes and budgets. It is particularly renowned for its taverns but also offers fine dining options. So if you find yourself around Paphos, you can visit the following restaurants for a more exquisite gastronomic experience.

Colosseum Restaurant

This fantastic restaurant is located on the road to Kato Paphos from the Debenham Superstore roundabout, approximately 200 meters before the Amathus Hotel. The cuisine is mainly Italian, so if you want a quick, tasty trip to It[aly](, this is the place to be.

You might think that this place offers only pasta and pizza, but no!! This place provides a variety of traditional Italian dishes and gourmet meals, in addition, of course, to pizza and pasta! This Italian restaurant aims to travel every foodie to Italy through a unique gastronomic experience. Specifically, a visit there takes you on a  trip to traditional Italy, where you can taste, smell, and feel the Italian cuisine.

© iStockphoto/Koldunov

A plate that we highly recommend is the marinated beef Carpaccio nestling on a bed of crisp rocket, topped with slivers of glistening fresh parmesan. This dish can be perfectly combined with a high-quality glass of wine. This is the perfect starter to introduce your palate to Italian cuisine. Then you can continue with another starter, like cooked prawns, followed by a glorious pepper steak. However, if you are a pasta lover, then you need to choose between the 14 different varieties of homemade pasta. It sounds like the pasta paradise, doesn't it?!

All the above mentioned can be mastered with the incredible views of the Colosseum terrace. The terrace has views directly to the waterfront with moored yachts and boats — an idyllic place to be and enjoy your "trip" to Italy. Also, if you don´t want to taste the cuisine, and you are though a wine lover, then the cava of this place will definitely amaze you. There is a variety of Italian, French, Australian wines, and many more!

Amorosa Annabelle

This restaurant has a wide recognition and it is located in the 5-star Hotel Annabelle. If you are looking for an elegant "fine dining" experience, this is your place. Amorosa can offer you beautiful views over the pool, garden, and the sea lying beyond.

© iStockphoto/MarianVejcik

The place has a well-deserved reputation because of its high standard services, unique & charming live music, and traditional Cypriot cuisine. Also, the restaurant offers a set menu that consists of a 4-course dinner, cooked superbly well, and presented beautifully. All this tasty food is served by friendly staff. The restaurant offers a great list of wine to be served with the plates. 

All plates served, find their origins and basis in the Cypriot cuisine, adding a touch of elegance. Fresh fish and mollusks are recommended as a starter. This will prepare your palate for the next tasty plates.

Paphos may not offer a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, but those two are undoubtedly worth a visit. I am sure that they will leave you speechless. 

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