Finding dunes in Finland in the city of Pori

Pauliina Flam | Live the World

November 23, 2022

On the western shore of Finland, there is the city of Pori. It is not a famous tourist spot for travelers from afar but a known gem among locals. In Finland, we appreciate Pori for its magnificent beach and fun festivals, but also fish dishes and architecture. Pori is situated 225 kilometers from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. If you are visiting Pori by public transport, the journey will take you through** Tampere, another beautiful city. Also, the pretty old town of Rauma is just 50 km away from Pori, which makes Pori a great place to combine with other cities while visiting. The most popular reason to visit Pori is, of course, its wonderful Yyteri Beach. Yyteri is a little bit far from the center, but it is worth a visit, mostly because of its beautiful dunes. You can make your visit to Pori’s Yyteri the way it suits you. There are opportunities to make your stay a great spa vacation or keep it chill and close to nature camping near the Baltic Sea. Anyway, you will not get out without beautiful views. **

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After taking a moment to enjoy the sandy shores, you can continue your journey to the small island of Kallo. It is situated right next to Yyteri and will amaze you with the wilder side of nature: rocky shores, a lighthouse and great surfing possibilities. Right next to Kallo is Reposaari Island, a district of wooden houses and an old-times spirit. This area is my favorite of all Pori, mostly because of its diversity. It is a fun beach with pretty dunes, a wild rocky seaside with a strained lighthouse and a charming wooden district -** **all in one and nearby. 

© flickr/Reima_Karvonen

Getting closer to the city center of Pori, you can catch a glimpse of the frescoes in the Juselius Mausoleum. Originally, the frescoes were done by a famous Finnish artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela. Sadly, they perished with time, and those that you can see in the mausoleum nowadays are painted by Akseli’s son - Jorma Gallen-Kallela. The new frescoes are made by the drafts of Akseli, and the history they behold makes the Juselius Mausoleum one of the main attractions of Pori. 

Eteläranta, which translates as “a southern shore”, is a nice promenade place along the river in the very heart of Pori. It leads you to the Pori Art Museum and Central Pori Church. The church reminds me of the one in Loviisa - the same red bricks and mighty tower. Speaking of museums, besides Pori Art Museum being the main one in the city, I still prefer Rosenlew Museum. You do not even need to go in to see the gem in it - architecturally, it is a charming industrial building with pretty iron letters in the yard. Inside, you will find industrial exhibitions

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The last, but a very important place to notice, is Kirjurinluoto. It is a massive park with great playgrounds for kids, endless alleys, pretty ponds and beautiful bridges. Kirjurinluoto is the soul of Pori since it is a place for many known festivals and outdoor events. Just to name one, the famous Pori Jazz festival is an annual event that gathers jazz musicians and appreciators throughout the world.  All in all, Pori is a diverse place to visit. Most importantly, finding dunes in Finland in the city of Pori is something from a must-do list of any curious traveler

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