Find your inner German in Celle

Christian Stascheit | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Celle’s cuisine has some delicious dishes to offer. If you plan a stay in the City of timbered houses you should try some regional food. Traditional German cuisine is mainly served in restaurants with an authentic atmosphere.** The hearty meals in the city, which is considered the gateway to the Lueneburger Heath,  **go pretty well with a Celler Bier.  

In the cover picture you can get a glimpse of the timbered houses in Celle and at the saying “Genuß für Leib und Seele”. It means pleasure for body and soul. This is what you can experience while eating German specialties in Celle.

Celler Roulades with red cabbage and mashed potatoes

One famous dish in the southern part of Lower Saxony is roulades with red cabbage and mashed potatoes. Best served from a grandmother, but there are some restaurants which offer a similar sensation of taste, level of quality and freshness.

Picture © Credits to iStock/JFsPic

For instance there is the “Celler Ratskeller”, where they offer a good diversity of local German dishes during every season. Among them they serve roulades with red cabbage and mashed potatoes. It is situated in the part of the old town hall of Celle. The interior is very cozy and the quaint atmosphere inside made it a special occasion to have food.

Celler Heidschnucke

Picture © Credits to iStock/eurotravel

In above picture you can see the blooming Lueneburger Heath. The purple color of the heath comes from the flower regionally called “Erica”. The blooming can usually be seen from mid July to the end of September. However you can get updated information about it. The area is especially famous for its honey, and Heidschnucken are breeding in the Lueneburger Heath. They are an old sheep breed adapted to the prevailing moorland conditions. Their meat is tender, which makes it delicious and highly valued among food gourmets. Many German restaurants normally serve this regional meat. One of them is the Beer Academy, which is situated close to castle of Celle. Find out more about Celle's castle in my atricle City of timbered houses.

Celler Asparagus

Lower Saxony is also known as the asparagus growing state. There is a nearly 750 km route, which leads through Celle. From the beginning of March the dominant characteristics of the landscape are fields of asparagus on both sides of the road. The asparagus from Lower Saxony is known for its quality and there are a lot of restaurants which serve this typical local dish, normally with potatoes, ham or schnitzel and hollandaise sauce. There are quite a lot of varieties to combine with asparagus.

Picture © Credits to iStock/fermate

One place to have a decent asparagus plate is the Schweine Schulze. You can see the restaurant`s sign in the cover picture and it is situated in the Neue Straße (New Street) close to the old town hall.

Another well-known restaurant with good local cuisine is the Celler Tor. It also is a higher class hotel. Its restaurant serves good international food as well, if you are not up for the hearty German dishes. It is situated a bit outside of Celle, offering a calm and charming atmosphere.

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