Fall in love with Albena in Bulgaria

Maria Belcheva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Spending days on the beach is a vital part of a summer holiday for many people. If you are a fan of chilled holidays, which bring you close to nature, you can check out some pristine beaches in northern Bulgaria. There you can enjoy a holiday while escaping the crowds from large holiday resorts. But todays suggestion for your holiday** in** [Bulgaria](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/three-pieces-of-bulgaria-s-heart-lnwd) is the enchanting **Albena** resort while having every modern convenience possible at your disposal. Just visit it, and you will see that you cant help falling in love with it! 

About Albena

Albena resort was build in the second part of the 20th century and officially opened in 1969. Before the fall of the socialist regime in Bulgaria, the resort was almost exclusively reserved for foreign guests or members of the ruling party. After 1989, the public could finally have a taste of this modern resort of the time. The name comes from a famous character from the Bulgarian literature - Albena, a woman with enchanting beauty. 

Albena is located on the northern seaside, in its own small bay. It is about 8km away from the town of Balchik and about 30km from Varna and Dobrich. The nature in the resort is very well preserved – some of the hotels are located on a hill and in the woods. There is an escalator which takes you from the top of the hill to the main street and the beach. For the hotels which are even further from the shore, there is a special shuttle that is free of charge – you'd have to inquire at the reception of your hotel about transport to and from the beach. 

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The hotel experience

Apart from having all modern conveniences, such as room and cleaning services, WiFi, TV, a stylish restaurant, a bar, and parking, every hotel has a swimming pool. Every hotel has a designated area on the beach, reserved for the guests - with chaise-lounges and beach umbrellas. There are also beach bars where the guests of the hotel could have drinks and small snacks during the day, as well as lunch if they don`t feel like going back to their hotel for that. 

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Most of the hotels in the complex are on an all-inclusive basis, except for the 5-star ones, where you only have breakfast and have to organise your other meals on your own. Still, the all-inclusive plan is not suited for everyone, so you can decide what is the best option for you when booking your next holiday in Bulgaria. 

What to do in Albena

The best thing about Albena is that the resort offers options for fun activities for everyone, no matter the age. 

The youngest visitors can be looked after by the respective animation team at every hotel. There are organised games and competitions, as well as concerts and other performances. 

If you like to party, you will enjoy the atmosphere in one of the clubs in the resort. There aren`t that many of those, as this is not so much of a party place. But this does not mean that you cannot have fun! You could visit one of the restaurants or bars on the main street, where there is often live music. Many of the beach bars I already mentioned are open in the evening as well, so you have a wide range of places to suit your needs.  

For the art and culture fans, the resort offers an open-air cinema with the regular film-evenings. There also is an outdoor stage where concerts and shows take place. 

For the adrenaline lovers, there are activities such as water-skiing, parasailing, parachuting above the sea, and many others. There is a big aqua park in the complex, too. The entrance costs 15 euros for a half-day package and 20 euros for a full day for adults. For children under 1,20m height, it is 8 euros for a half-day and 9 euros for a full one. 

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If you want to chill on the beach with a drink and a good book, you are in the right place. Albena has a beach library, where you can borrow books, free of charge and without needing any registration. The only condition is to return the book before you leave. If you want to contribute to the library storage, you can donate a book that you don`t need anymore. 

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With its silky sand beach line, the crystal waters, the blue sky, its nature and with all the options for fun activities, Albena is a perfect place for holidays. It offers something for every age. It allows you to recharge and focus on your own well being for a while. You can`t help falling in love with Albena while vacationing in Bulgaria - its beauty is enchanting.

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