Krapets & Durankulak: Pristine beaches in northern Bulgaria

Maria Belcheva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Bulgaria`s seaside towns and resorts offer something for everyone – party locations, amazing natural landmarks, and of course, different types of beaches – big, crowded and loud, as well as secluded and pristine. No matter what type of person you are, the beaches are so many and varied that it is a pleasure to explore them. So, today I am going to bring you on a digital trip to the two most beautiful places for a peaceful and relaxing vacation on the northern seaside of BulgariaKrapets and Durankulak.

Krapets Beach

Krapets Beach is located near a village with the same name. It is located about 90 km from the nearest big town – Varna, where there is also an airport, 52 km from the Palace in Balchik and just under 50 km from Cape Kaliakra. If you are coming by car, you can park near the beach for free. And if you want to stay for more than one day, you can rent a house in the village or stay in one of the small hotels. The sand is clean, the water is clear, but there are draughts, so you should be careful when going into the water. And if you intend to spend a whole day here, it would be wise to prepare food and drinks ahead of your arrival. Apart from a few minivans, where you can buy fries and beer, there aren't many other options for food and drinks around here. Krapets Beach is famous for being “the last seaside paradise in Bulgaria”, but in my opinion, it is not the only one.

Photo © credits to Hristo Chorbadzhi

Durankulak Beach

The name “durankulak” comes from an old Bulgarian word for “bull and “fist” or “hoof”. So, according to the legend, here is the place where a bull hit the ground with his hoot, and a lake appeared. Gradually, life forms came to be, and the area was populated. No matter if this is true or not, it is a fact that the beauty and peacefulness of the area contributes to the magical aura of the beach. Interesting to note here is that you can get to Krapets on foot - you just have to walk along the coast. This is a great option for training, for example – the distance is about 6-7 km. As the water is deep and clear, the place also offers the possibility of doing water sports, such as diving. For the hungry and thirsty, near the beach, there are a bar and a restaurant. If you want to stay longer, the camping area "Kosmos" offers bungalows to rent, as well as places to pitch a tent or park your caravan. There is also parking for those who are just there for a day.

Photo © credits to Hristo Chorbadzhi

To sum up, those two beaches in Northern Bulgaria are a nice and unconventional way to spend one or more days in a pristine atmosphere. In this way, you can take a break from a stressful lifestyle by reconnecting with the beautiful and secluded nature of Krapets and Durankulak.

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