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Christian Stascheit | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Germany is famous in Europe for its festivals. Especially for its rock and electronic festivals and in the northern part of Germany, there are some which can give you an unforgettable weekend full of energy and joy.

If you have want to be among people and do more than sightseeing in northern Germany like visiting the ci[ty of timbered houses – Celle](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/edit) or hi[king in the Harz mountains,](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/edit) rock festivals are the perfect opportunity. Festivals are not for everyone, but for those who do not mind to sleep in a tent with less comfort and like to celebrate, German festivals offer a great chance to party, while getting to know a lot of people. There are some big rock Festivals in Germany like the Hurricane or the Highfield, but you also can get a German rock festival experience with less people in smaller festivals like the Suedwinsen Festival

Hurricane Festival in Scheessel

Very well known and one of the biggest, the Hurricane Festival takes place in Scheessel. It normally takes place from the 21st to the 23rd of June and has a lot of big acts to offer. Bands like Foo Fighters, the Wombats and the Cure will be there in 2019. Consistently the line-ups are huge and there are always artists performing that are worth listing to. The relatively high price is because of the sophisticated line-up. The sooner you order your tickets the lower the entrance. The prices start at 149€.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/ASK

Hurricane Festival is an appropriate name for it, because the weather is often not that good, so make sure you are well equipped with rain boots, trousers and jacket, but that will not affect the good mood of the visitors. At the campground the feeling is lively and happy. Camping ground neighbors play drinking games together like beer pong or ‘flaken’. If you like to drink beer, these games will see to it that you have a fun day. If you prefer a calmer festival experience and like more comfort, there is also a family campground with a more relaxed atmosphere and with less noise and dirt.

Highfield Festival at the Störmthaler lake in Großpösna

The Störmthaler lake in Großpösna lies close to Leipzig. It is a bit smaller than the Hurricane Festival, but its line-up often does not have to hide behind the one of the Hurricane, and instead shines more brightly. For instance in 2019 there will be the Prodigy, the Offspring and many more. Like the Hurricane Festival it is made for a many different music tastes, so in 2019 there will be Thirty seconds to Mars at Highfield Festival.

Picture © Credits to Flickr/ Schröder+Schömbs PR

The above picture shows the view from the Jaegermeister tower over the arising Highfield Festival and the Störmthaler lake. The Highfield takes place in the middle of August, and because of that the possibility of good weather is higher. You can enjoy the beach at the Störmthaler lake, playing volleyball or just for getting some energy for the concerts by soaking up some sun. Furthermore banana and tube riding are offered and you can try out windsurfing, canoeing and stand-up paddling. It makes it special to combine a vacation and festival atmosphere.

Among big festivals like Hurricane and Highfield, northern Germany has a lot of small rock festivals. They normally aren’t that commercial, and there will not be big-name bands. Instead you can discover good upcoming and sometimes local bands. These kinds of festivals happen everywhere in Germany, and you should do some research if you want to attend one. They are way cheaper and some are free and finance themselves by the consumption of the visitors.

Suedwinsen Festival

One of them is the Su[edwinsen Festival](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/), where I grew up. The festival is organized by volunteers and in 2019 it will have its 23rd anniversary. It is situated close to the river Aller and almost in the forest. Festivals like this have a more family atmosphere and are highly enjoyable as well.  

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