Exotic restaurant in Brussels: Les Marmites du Monde

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you are that type of a person, a real foodie, with a persistent hedonistic nature, who every single time before going out for lunch or dinner, does extensive research and reads tons of reviews about the best restaurants, that I really admire you. I also hope you will find my articles useful. Indeed, it is always best to check in advance the location, venue, menu and drinks menu (priorities) and make a final reservation. Sometimes, it happens that you are hungry and in a great hurry. You did not do your research before. You have one hour maximum for the whole dinner. You don’t know what specifically you feel like eating, but you are pretty sure it is not a kebab from around the corner. You want to sit someplace nice and eat a glorious, maybe slightly exotic meal. If you recognize yourself in at least one of the scenarios above, then have no worries. Just go directly towards the place St. Boniface in Brussels and take a seat at the most beautiful restaurant - Les Marmites du Monde.

Photo credit @African way

The same exact situation happened to us a week before. We didn’t have much time, and we found ourselves nearby my favourite Matonge area. As I am not really a great foodie nor that picky about food, I let my beloved companion aka the meat expert to select the place for us to sit and have a quick, yet filling dinner. Quite accidentally, next to Saint Boniface square and church, we found a beautiful, small, cosy restaurant called Les Marmites du Monde. As the name suggests, the place does offer a variety of exotic dishes from all over the world. However, followed by our taste and previous experience, we decided to go for the African vibe and try out the food that he would call ‘something special after the first bite”. And we definitely did not regret our choice, neither for the food nor the place.

The restaurant is quite small but cosy, with a nice, warming view of the church. The waiter is extremely kind and hospitable, even after I accidentally broke a glass (ooops!). We were greeted with a traditional appetizer followed by the most delicious warm bread. I also must warn you that the sauce with it is extremely spicy, so go easy on that one.

Photo credit @Nicolas Boivin

The huge portions of main courses of fish, scallops and red meat really are to die for. It is slightly too spicy for my taste, but you always get some bread and rice along with it, so you will not die (literally). Also, food arrives quite rapidly, warm and fresh, so I would say that by far Les Marmites du Monde is one of the best exotic restaurants you can visit in Brussels. Maybe it is the company, wine or the food, but the overall experience had that 'woow factor'. I hope you will enjoy it just like we did.

Photo credit @Vene M.

Cover photo credit by @ashveen

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