Europe's clearest tear - Tara river

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Through the deepest canyon in Europe, between the mountains Bjelasnica, Sinjajevina, Ljubisnja and Durmitor, flows the most clear European river - Tara, known as The Tear of Europe. It** **is the longest river in Montenegro.

The Tara river basin with grandiose canyon is the most interesting phenomenon of nature in Montenegro, the Balkan peninsula, and certainly one of the most important in Europe, and even beyond.

Tara is a river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It springs below the Komovi mountain. The last 40 km of the river Tara is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in several places it makes the border between the two countries. At its end, along with the river Piva, it forms the Drina river.

Tara is ideal for rafting, kayaking and fishing. It is one of the best rafting spots on the planet. The most attractive part for rafting is the last 25 km of the river. Tara river here has its average fall of 3.6 m/km and that's why there are so many cascades and rapids formed.

Its rapids that bring excitement and adventure are certainly very important part of the river, but its waterfalls, high cliffs, old wooden bridges and incredible flora, make the rafting experience even more unforgettable.

All these facts and photos are just not enough to describe the beauty and importance of such a natural treasure. When you feel its cold water on your feet, when you feel the adrenaline rush while rafting, when you hear the murmuring sounds of its rapids or enjoy the view from the high cliffs you will understand why I'm so sure that you will always stay in love with the Europe's clearest tear.

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