Estonia in winter: where to go and what to do

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Estonia, as a Nordic country, is just stunning during the winter. Cold temperatures and white fluffy snow makes the country definitely a winter wonderland, worth visiting. There are many places to visit in Estonia during the winter. You could just visit the magical Old Town or take a day trip outside the capital, Tallinn. You could go for a walk in one of the bogs or make a ski trip to the tallest mountains of Estonia, in Otepää. There are many places to go in Estonia in winter- that makes it a perfect place for winter vacation.

Tallinn Old Town – a fairytale comes true

Tallinn Old Town, with its cobblestone streets, is worth visiting during the summer or winter. But it is especially wonderful during the wintertime when you can grab a hot cocoa from one of the numerous cafes and have an adventure in the middle of the Gothic architecture buildings, high churches, and their magnificent views. You can get a tour around the old town to have a more authentic experience or stroll around and explore the charming streets by yourself. The main place to start your walk would be on the square next to the Ta[llinn Town Hall]( that used to be the center of the medieval Tallinn. Make your way through the narrow streets and picture yourself as being in an old Hanseatic harbor town. It might be worth to also stay around Tallinn's old town to enjoy the local life and things to do.

Tallinn Old Town © iStock/bruev

Bogs – the national treasure of Estonia

If possible, bogs are must-see places in Estonia. They are a true nature’s wonder and worth a visit. Just walking in the midst of this pure nature will make you feel as one with Mother Earth. Estonian bogs are easily accessible via a boardwalk, and most roads are not very long, which makes them easily accessible for everyone. The most recommended would be the Viru Bog, which can be found just a short car ride away from the capital.

© iStock/Anna Zheludkova

Otepää – the winter capital of Estonia

Estonia does not have many mountains and opportunities for skiing, but there is one place to have some winter fun, and that is Otepää. Yes, it is a little over 200 km ride from Tallinn, but the trip makes up for it. Even if the other parts of Estonia are not very snowy, the southern part, where Otepää is located, usually is colder and has more snow. You can spend an active weekend skiing, sledding or riding a snowboard in a ski resort. You can later warm up in a traditional Estonian sauna. Get the best of both adventure and relaxing activities at this spa and holiday resort

© iStock/SeventyFour

Estonia is a wonderful place to spend your winter vacation. Being a Nordic country, the winters are usually white and crispy cold, but still not that cold that you could not stick your nose outside. Estonia offers a large variety of fun things to do or go to in winter, should you prefer to stay in the city and visit the Old Town with your warm cup of cocoa, take a hike in one of nature’s wonders – bogs or just go skiing in the winter’s capital, Otepää.

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