Elati & Pertouli, the Snow-fairies of Thessaly!

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Two of the most picturesque villages worth visiting while traveling to Greece are definitely Elati & Pertouli. I am pretty sure that you haven’t heard of those before, since luckily they are still untouched by the touristic wave visiting Greece! I guess you know what I mean right? Yes, they still preserve their natural beauty and they belong to the “hidden gem” category that you should explore as soon as possible!

Literally drenched in pines and at an altitude of 900 meters the village of Elati & Pertouli resemble the scenery of a fairy tale with elves and fairies. The “snow-fairies” of Thessaly are among the most popular destinations for nature lovers but also for skiers and snowboarders due to its close proximity to Pertouli Ski Center!.

Nature, lovely villages, hotels and stone built guest houses, rivers, stone bridges with waterfalls, taverns with delicious food are some of what you will find in Elati, Pertouli and the surrounding villages.

Take a trip to a heavenly green landscape embraced by the southern slopes of the Pindus range. Thousands of square metres of lush vegetation, natural springs, rushing rivers and seasonal lakes create a stunning sight.

The most beautiful spot in the area at large is the so-called Red Rock which is found just above Elati and offers stunning views. Its name derives from its geological color and the setting is equally and highly appreciated by the fans of climbing too. Do not miss the chance to check the view from the top and to take amazing photos with a completely naturally stunning background!

The ski centre and resort;

During winter months, do not miss the ski center of Pertouli, in a lovely location among meadows and fir trees. Pertouli’s ski resort is situated near luxury hotels and restaurants. So whether or not you ski, young and old will have fun gliding down the snowy slopes or just keeping warm with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine in Thessaly.

Well to sum up…Pertouli & Elati , with their dense forests and high tourist standards, are two of the main attractions of northern Greece all year round. Plan your itinerary with Itinari right now :)

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